Monday, 28 October 2013

Secret Lairs Brief: Minor Research

Star Wars: The Old Republic

While reading the brief; I thought of a gaming trailer that evolves around a robotic testing and manufacturing lair. S.W.T.O.R.'s HK-51 trailer is a great 3D example for colour and composition. The trailer itself is about the discovery of deadly assassination robots known as HK-51(s).

(Star Wars: The Old Republic HK-51 Trailer)

The central composition of the testing functions highlighted by this warm, bright yellow lighting adds to the important of this 'center piece'. It's the warm within the cold as seen against the blue lighting in the background that draws your eye into the scene.

Illustration List:

Figures 1 - 4. Star Wars: The Old Republic HK-51 Trailer. By: [Trailer Still] (Accessed on 28/10/13) Image Souce HTML:

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