Monday, 21 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Library Scene Decisions

Library Scene
Gradient Tool - Highlight

Looking back at the technique and brushes I had used when digitally creating my Library Scene, I decided to go back and try again with overal colours. After quickly speaking with Jordan, he enlightened me about the Gradient Tool and how the room can be lit by a singular light source. So using the brush and technique from my Saloon concept, the ocean will be the light source and its Turquoise colour would be reflected throughout.


  1. These look very nice Heidi :)
    you could add some light from lamps & wall lights to give some more colour to the image. You could even suggest a fireplace by adding in some warm ring lighting to some of the furniture. and suggesting some colour for the furniture might be a good idea too :) like a deep brown leather for the sofas? - for example :) even adding a rug to the floor light give the room a more cozy feel :)

    just some ideas for you :)

  2. Just an idea - if those are bookshelves on the wall, then there should probably be a way of getting books from the higher shelves (something like those wheeled ladders).

    Also, you might want to think about a spiral staircase - a cast iron spiral staircase is extremely victorian

    The other tip you might want to think about going forwards is "caustics" - the rippling light and dark patterns you get underwater.

    But it's looking really good so far :)