Monday, 27 April 2015

Adaptation (B): UV Complete [Rig Problems] {FIXED}

UV Complete ----- [Rig Problems] {FIXED}

After having issues with my ribbon spine I decided to upload the UV texture screenshots.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): Model Completed

Model Completed
Began to UV

My model is now complete and I have already began to UV the head. I was just checking with you about the cloak/tabard as I wasn't too sure if I was to extrude and have it as a 3D element or plane based. Both back and front are joined so it's one complete item.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): Body Modelling

Body Modelling

I just have the hands, cloak and boots to refine and sculpt. Extra shorts details will be added afterwards - however I'll have to see you tomorrow to ask advice about the general flow of the middle of the shorts but for now its okay.

Adaptation (B): More Head Modelling

More Head Modelling

If the transition still doesn't look right I will add more planes however I feel like its definitely working now and is looking like my character despite having to compromise with the hair's overall design. Just have to model the eyes but I am moving on to continue the body before hand.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): Head Progression

Head Progression

Current head progression - this will be finished tomorrow with the rest of the hair completed and extruded into the main mesh with extra layers of 'petals'. The body will also be uploaded with only minor details left. Hopefully I am on the right path now Alan?

Friday, 17 April 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): Continued Head Modelling

Adding the Nose
Shes starting to come together.

@Alan - Small Advice

After uploading the wrong head files to my drive I'm going ahead to start modelling the body over the weekend. I'll be in Monday if it's best you see me. However, looking at screenshots from the side I wasn't too sure if they were working. (1.) I feel like the eye is too far forward, and doesn't seem to look like my character from the side - should I move it back? Will this effect the front? (2). It still needs some work, but is the second ear starting to work now?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Adaptation (B): Current Head Model Process

Current Head Model Process

Here is my current progress of my character so far and tomorrow during Maya I'll have the nose, ears and neck complete.



Thursday, 9 April 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): Body Orthographic Advice

Body Orthographic Advice

After your advice I have now got the head roughly blocked out into Maya (without hair on the orthographs at the moment as I believe this can be figured out at a later date) however for the body I was wondering if I should model in the 'T' pose or the 45 degree angle that we spoke about? Also, I cannot seem to get the side view of her correct, I have got my attempts that I can email to you for any advice? Also went back to the original face - I have updated it slightly with the symmetry of size of eyes/eyebrows and ears, and because shes represents death I thought her eyes would also be dead/blind, etc.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

@Alan Adaptation (B): Updated Briar-Rose Head

Updated Briar-Rose Head

I'm soon wanting to get started in Maya and model her head, however obviously I need to figure out the face first. After many, many attempts to try and use the old design I figured it wasn't going to work. So I went ahead to try and design a new one yet keeping some qualities from the original. So I thought I would check it out with you first before I get the hair sorted. Is there anything wrong with the perspective from the front and side? Anything wrong/missing from her that I should look back to the old design for? I personally find this design more appealing and it a lot easier to understand for posing/expressions.