Monday, 21 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Three Thumbnail Scenes

Three Finalized Thumbnails

These are my colour thumbnails for my three '20,000 Leagus Under The Sea' scenes.

Nautilus Saloon

The Saloon has a lilac colour comp reflecting fluorescent indoor and ocean lights. Inside the scene will include people upstairs and downstairs, behind glass and on the ground floor. It will feature a bar that will be a link to a staircase connecting the upper and lower floors/ maybe even a lift.

Submarine Forest

Overlaying several versions of my Submarine Forest colour comps, I've finally crated a colour style I'll follow when creating my final concept. I also used the Blurr tool to add the sense of depth to the image.

Nautilus Library

During today's photoshop lesson I went back and revisited my Library scene and changed it's colours. This allowed a more realistic enterpretation of lighting and atmosphere. I'll be adding a rug/ carpet on the floor to try and add a 'cozy' effect.


  1. Hey,
    I like the Submarine Forest scene and think you've got a really good idea behind it. I especially like the textures and colours you've used to create it :)

  2. I love the perspective you've got going on in your 3rd thumbnail :), really makes the room look stretched out and deep.

  3. Hey Heidi :),
    Loving the colours in the 3rd thumbnail and the perspective really seems like I could walk into there, maybe the staircase could extend into the top left? could give the impressions of a huge stairwell? :), they are all looking good and I look forward to seeing your final versions! :)