Thursday, 31 October 2013

@Phil Character Profile Draft

Hyperborean Demon: Lapsis
(Latin - Fallen/Angel)

(Figure 1: Diablo Falling From Heaven)

Basic Idea

  • Craved to change the fate of humanity itself; Reblessing the Earth reborn
  • Became a cursed soul and was casted down from the Heavens
  • Receded far down into Hell's core to become the up most twisted, tormented and evil spirit
  • Searched and hungered for revenge on those who thou damned
  • Has begun to manifest beneath Earth's crust within the 'White/Blue Soul Stone'
  • Black misty body; Pure white flaring eyes
  • When he becomes close to the Soul Stone white demonic symbols appear around him
  • The 'Lair' glows with the pulse of the Soul Stone

Fig. 1. Diablo Falling From Heaven (2013) From: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls [Trailer Still] United States. Blizzard Entertainment. At: (Accessed on 31.10.2013)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Secret Lairs: First Hero Prop Thumbnails

Hyperborean Demon Hero Prop (Soul Stone) Thumbnails

Here are the first initial designs for my 'Soul Stone' hero Demon prop. I would really appreciate any feedback about which design stands out the most or what is the overall better design. I will be producing colour versions within the next few days.

My favorites are:
11, 18, 19, 21, 27, 32, 35 & 38

Secret Lairs: First Thumbnails

Hyperborean Demon Secret Lair Thumbnails

Throughout this evening I have been gradually sketching up some basic ideas about what my 'Secret Lair' could look like. I have also incorporated an outline of a Hero Prop as a guideline around it's 'space'.

My favorites are (2) & (5) due to the glacial appearance. They also show a sense of depth towards the background that could very well be interpreted by Matte Paintings.

Secret Lairs: Hero Prop Ideas?

Feedback Please!

These are some potential ideas for my Hyperborean Demon's Hero Prop. These include a glacial dagger/sword, a dragons claw, a crystal ball and a soul stone. I would be very greatful for any feedback regarding any of these or other ideas that could be a Demon's Prop.

My favorite out of all four is the 'Soul Stone'. I know plenty of resources about this type of object and the fact that it is indeed holding a 'Soul' for a Demon could be seen as realistic.

Secret Lairs: General Influence Map

Secret Lair Influence Map

Here is a range of images put together to have a better understanding of my chosen words and potential ideas for my Secret Lair.

CG Artist: (30/10/2013) Life Drawing

First CG Life Drawing Class

I really enjoyed this mornings life drawing class featuring a lady named Jane. The activities really allowed me to understanding quickly about form and proportions. 

Figure 1: 30 Second Poses
Figure 2: Minute Poses

I found that the 30 second poses the most fun and had more information about the specific poses. I wanted to focus more about suggestive lines.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Secret Lair of...

The Secret Lair of the Hyperborean Demon

During today's project briefing, we all had to pull two words out of the 'Mysterious Blue Box' which would be our own individual title to our projects.

Hyperborean = ''An inhabitant of the extreme North''
Demon = ''An evil spirit. One thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in Hell''

Film Review: La Belle et la Bête

La Belle et la Bête (1946) 93min

(Figure 1: La Belle et la Bête Poster)

La Belle et la Bête; a french black and white film directed by Jean Cocteau in 1946 is one of the most recognized romantic fantasies of the 20th century. As said by Dennis Schwartz in his review, ''It sets the benchmark in elegance for such fantasy films.'' (Schwartz, D) is replicated by the American fairy tale novel of the story by Walt Disney; 'Beauty & the Beast' (1991).

(Figure 2 & 3: Adelaide and Felicie & Drizella and Anastasia)

Before Belle's farther leaves to seek huge financial investments, he asks Belle and her two step sisters; Adelaide and Felicie what they would like as a gift for when he returns from his trip. Belle requests a Rose, yet patronizingly Adelaide and Felicie cackle while waving their farther goodbye. Their dominance is very clear to the audience by their wicked attitude, extravagant clothing and how they are standing on set. In the film, Adelaide and Felicie are waving up on steps, but Belle is on the ground; another metaphor enforcing thoughts of higher authority and importance. These two antagonists have become well known among the fairy tale and 'happily ever after' novels for children. Such evil step-sisters are parallel to Walt Disney's 'Cinderella' (1950) known as Drizella and Anastasia.

(Figure 3 & 4: Belle walking through the Castle Corridor - The Beast carrying Belle to her room)

Throughout the film, the castle is created to show great sense of depth and contrast. When Belle is quietly walking through the castle corridor, the curtains a strikingly white compared to the rest of the room; flowing over her as she walks by as though clinging to her. As Ken Hanke describes; ''There are deep undercurrents to the film, suggesting a dark, horrible and wonderful secret...'' (Hanke, K) can compare such scene to when the Beast is carrying the unconscious Belle to her room, within the background a jail looking door within the archway is seen of center from the camera. At first it is if the Beast is forcefully being kept within the castle walls, yet countering such thoughts could lead to the conclusion that the Beast has such doors in place to keep anything and everyone else out. Again, a metaphorical recluse within his own 'luxurious jail' inspired home.

(Figure 5 & 6: La Belle et la Bête Magic Mirror - Snow White Magic Mirror)

One of the many peculiar objects the Beast possesses is the 'Magic Mirror'. It allows the person looking into the mirror to 'spy' on whoever they ask for. To some 21st century audiences this type of object would be described as suspicious and even slightly deceptive. As MaryAnn Johanson says in her own review; 'Lushly, deliciously frightful, embellishing the basic fairy tale with a surreal, delicate eroticism.'' (Johanson, M) is in hindsight the basics of what this film is about. Belle is falling in love with a vicious humanoid animal and is being held captive beyond her will.

In conclusion, La Belle et la Bête is the mother of all sinister uprisings about the desperation of the love of another. Its the 20th century edition to any hostage situation with a semi-disturbing romantic twist encouraged by its great use of cinematography.


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Illustration List:

Fig. 1. La Belle et la Bête Poster Art (1946) From: La Belle et la Bête Directed by: Jean Cocteau. [Poster] France. Lopert Pictures. At: (Accessed on 29.10.2013)

Fig. 2. Belle's Step-Sisters Sisters - Adelaide & Felicie (1946) From: La Belle et la Bête Directed by: Jean Cocteau. [Film Still] France. Lopert Pictures. At: (Accessed on 29.10.2013)

Fig. 3. Cinderella's Step- Sisters - Drizella and Anastasia (1950) From: Cinderella Directed by: Clyde Geronimi. [Film Still] United States. Walt Disney Productions. At: (Accessed on 29.10.2013)

Fig. 4. Belle walking through the Castle Corridor (1946) From: La Belle et la Bête Directed by: Jean Cocteau. [Film Still] France. Lopert Pictures. At: (Accessed on 29.10.2013)

Fig. 5. The Beast carrying Belle to her room (1946) From: La Belle et la Bête Directed by: Jean Cocteau. [Film Still] France. Lopert Pictures. At: (Accessed on 29.10.2013)

Fig. 5. La Belle et la Bête Magic Mirror (1946) From: La Belle et la Bête Directed by: Jean Cocteau. [Film Still] France. Lopert Pictures. At: (Accessed on 29.10.2013)

Fig. 7. Snow White Magic Mirror (1937) From: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Directed by: David Hand. [Film Still] United States. Walt Disney Productions. At: (Accessed on 29.10.2013)

Monday, 28 October 2013

Secret Lairs Photoshop: Warm Up Session 0.3

'Secret Lair of the Steampunk Explorer'

The third part of the session allowed us to focus on the last of the three made up lair examples set by Jordan.

(Figure 1: Steampunk Mood Board)

When I think of steampunk, I instantly picture huge dials, cogs and machinery. However looking at concept art deriving from Steampunk, it is a lot more intricate. This mood board took 10 minutes to gather images.

(Figure 2: Steampunk Quick Sketches)

Working onward from the Gaelic Golem thumbnails, I wanted to look into lighting and actual 'lairs'. This style is new to me yet I feel I can get a lot more pretty accidents from my mark making. These 6 thumbnails took 6 minutes to paint.

Secret Lairs Photoshop: Warm Up Session 0.2

'Secret Lair of the Gaelic Golem'

The second part of the warm up was to choose a second option out of the three made up lairs that Jordan had given us.

(Figure 1: Gaelic Golem Mood Board)

This time we only had 10 minutes to create a mood board for this specific lair.

(Figure 2: Gaelic Golem Quick Sketches)

I tried to use another blocking technique when creating these thumbnail sketches rather than using the line art from the Candyland Huntsman Lair.

Inspiration: Living Lines

Secret Lairs Photoshop: Warm Up Session 0.1

'Secret Lair of the Candyland Huntsman'

As a warm up session during todays photoshop class, Jordan gave us three options to choose from as a warm up 'imaginary lair' before tomorrows briefing.

(Figure 1: Candyland Huntsman Mood Board)

First we had 15 minutes to create a mood board to gather ideas and to see the differences from our first google searches to our last.

(Figure 2: Quick Digital Sketches)

The next task was to create 10-15 minute thumbnail sketches using our mood boards to get a basic idea of our chosen secret lairs.

Secret Lairs Brief: Minor Research

Star Wars: The Old Republic

While reading the brief; I thought of a gaming trailer that evolves around a robotic testing and manufacturing lair. S.W.T.O.R.'s HK-51 trailer is a great 3D example for colour and composition. The trailer itself is about the discovery of deadly assassination robots known as HK-51(s).

(Star Wars: The Old Republic HK-51 Trailer)

The central composition of the testing functions highlighted by this warm, bright yellow lighting adds to the important of this 'center piece'. It's the warm within the cold as seen against the blue lighting in the background that draws your eye into the scene.

Illustration List:

Figures 1 - 4. Star Wars: The Old Republic HK-51 Trailer. By: [Trailer Still] (Accessed on 28/10/13) Image Souce HTML:

Secret Lairs Brief: Thoughts & Minor Research

Ghostbusters Concept Art

After reading the Secret Lairs brief on myUCA, I have began looking via the internet at Concept Art that derives the sense of a 'Secret Lair'. I'd like to improve on my last Cinematic Spaces project by experimenting more digitally so improving my digital painting skills. While looking through various images, I discovered a website named Collected Articles RE: Within this site is Concept Art by Stuart Ng which instantly has a 'Lair' approach to some of his pieces.

(Figures 1 - 4: Ghostbusters Concept Art)

I really enjoy the 'paintilyness' of Ng's style as without the use of line art you can still depict objects incorporated in each scene extremely well. He has also used strong, mood setting colours for each of these concepts which 'ooze' their own sense of emotion.

Illustration List:

Figures 1 - 4. Ghostbusters Concept Art. By: Artist: Stuart Ng. (Accessed on 28/10/13) HTML:

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Creative Partnership

Creative Partnership

These are my Creative Partnership comments via during the Cinematic Spaces: Space & Environment project. I had started shy as of meeting, getting to know everyone and becoming confident enough to comment about others work; however this has allowed me to really look into depth about the story behind peoples work and enlighten my own thoughts and processes. 

Anthony Faulkner
Will Huntley
Adam Stone
Hannah Milliner


Cinematic Spaces: Final Concepts

Final Concepts
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Nautilus Library

Submarine Forest

Nautilus Saloon

Cinematic Spaces: So Far

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Scenes

Here are my three Space & Environment scenes currently in progress. The least developed is my forest, however the basic lines and composition is shown.