Friday, 18 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Building The Saloon

16:9 Canvas

(213 - 215)

Using the thumbnail 182 I again used it as the base layer on the 2556 x 1446 canvas. I decided to use a simplistic line drawing to outline current key features of this concept. I then used the textured brush to pick out the basic 'Fore-ground', 'Mid-ground' and 'Background' tones picking out the lights. As this scene is very modern, stylized and 'empty', my focal point will be colour.

Nautilus Type Experiments

Here are some hand created 'Nautilus' Saloon Bar typeface. I used a pointed brush and my own handwriting to make them as 'Red Light'-ish as possible.


  1. Heya Heidi,
    Just a thought, I would recommend staying away from this leafy brush to shade in your images. I think that it doesn't look too nice because of how it clutters the image, I personally think that you should use a more defined brush to bring some sharpness to these developments :)
    This'd make these builds a lot easier to read :)

  2. ... this is another very 'rectangular' room, Heidi...

    1. Just realised...
      Surprisingly didn't think about it while sketching.