Friday, 30 October 2015

Minor Project: Silver - Hat Designs and Hands Update

Hat Designs and Hands Update

This evening I was able to further design Silver. As she is a character from a fairytale universe, originating from the 1800's from modern folklore; the theory of her wearing a modern snapchat did not seem right at all. So I have tried to design one if it were made around that time. Leather, stitching and buckles.

I also improved the 'believability' of her hands, so I decreased their size while moving them lower towards the wrist. I also believe her outfit is working.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Minor Project: Silver - Clothing Development 02

Clothing Development

I took (1. A), (2. B), (3. B) & (4. A) and put them aside her larger hands.

Taking Favorites From Last Post

I took my initial favorites from the last set of designs and changed them slightly further.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Minor Project: Silver - Initial Clothing 01

Initial Clothing Ideas

Initial ideas of old-fashioned clothing made new. I still need to design the head items.
I really like (A), (B), (G) and (H). (G) seems to be my overall favorite as its an old fashioned night-gown that shes made into a 'onesie' with a leather jacket.

Minor Project: The Bear Prince - Armour/Clothing

 The Bear Prince

Initial armour/clothing designs. (1) has a sword, (2) has an axe and (3) a pike. I will design the layout of his weapons on his back along with his ranged weapon; which is a huge bear trap. The trap will be connected to a chain. I think (2, A) works very well but unsure of the (B) pants. Could combine with design (1). But I prefer the patterns on his fur in design (3).

Monday, 26 October 2015

@Phil Minor Project: The Beast - Initial Changes

The Beast - Initial Changes

I really wanted to get the beast in my head before tomorrow so I quickly tried to make the Beast more villainous. I need to also try with the hooves as well but thought I'd show a before and after.
I'll also attempt to push him further tomorrow.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Minor Project: Script - First Draft

First Draft

Still think this is way off what I am truly wanting. The ending needs working on further indefinitely.

A young GIRL (Silver) is seen running fast through a forest.
Camera switches to view of birds flying above her in the same direction.
Camera shots are looking at SILVER through the tree's as she is running. Soon a growl and branch snap is heard.
SILVER hears the noises and stops suddenly, within an open part of the forest.
Camera pans down low to the ground with SILVER in the background. A large foot stomps into view. SILVER turns.
Camera shows upper body of the BEAR (Prince).
SILVER tilts her head and speaks arrogantly to the BEAR.

Huh. About time you showed up.

The BEAR subtly smiles while he growls.
Suddenly, a deep voice fills the woods with laughter.
Camera shows a birds eye view of SILVER and the BEAR.
BEAR and SILVER try to pinpoint the location of the voice.

Hahahaha. Ahhh, well isn't this a beautiful... moment.

The BEAST keeps out of sight as he begins to speak to SILVER and the BEAR.
The BEAR and Silver still can't locate the sound.

I was hoping the rest of your little friends would be here, too, but... no matter.

Close up of the bear as he growls angrily.
SILVER speaks cocky to the BEAST.

Such a big beasty afraid of a lil' girl, eh?

Distant, low angle shot of SILVER and the BEAR.

Oh come now... Silver. We all know who truly is, afraid.

Camera slowly moves around the open space where SILVER and the BEAR stand. The Beast's voice is everywhere around them.
Shot of a shadowy outline of the Beast's fur and eerie sounds as he moves from out of shot as he speaks.

Your magic... is nothing but a flaw. It is a defect; A pitiful joke, a game played between your very own, unruly Gods.

You wish!

The BEAST roars in anger, scaring all the animals around. Birds again. The BEAR takes a step forward.
SILVER reveals activates her huge silver hands.

... Oh you have no idea.

Being imprisoned taught me... everything. You believe that you are the embodiment of... hope.

Shoulder shot of SILVER as she turns her head to the side.

So I'm going to take that from you first.

The BEAR turns in shot angrily as he speaks to the BEAST.

Enough of your games, Beast!

More eerie shots of the BEAST as he speaks.

So eager... So determined... So... Weak. What would King Daddy say, hahaha...

But, yes. I think that our little game ends here. Watch now, as I turn your pathetic magic... against you!

The BEAST dramatically reveals himself by revealing his glowing features. Then roars.

[Name of Brand]
Slow revealing of the glowing eyes of the BEAST.

@Phil Minor Project: The Beast - Satyr Body Conflict

The Beast 
Body Conflict

I changed the face of the character to be less 'smiley', while also attempting to change the lower half of his body. I initially went for a slender Satyr which did not look right whatsoever, so I bulked them out in proportion to his upper body. Yet I think I still prefer the original; but (B) seems to work.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

@Phil Minor Project: The Beast - Figure Update?

The Beast
Figure Update?

This evening I was able to sit down and re-think the figure of the Beast. I designed figure (2) on the basis of what we discussed on Monday; a more human look with potential to use the previous design as some form of 'battle mode'. However, I kept listening to the voice of the Lord of Darkness & Smaug and I thought about the concept of having the 'puffer-fish' effect. So number (1) is more bat-like and slim, but when angry he could become huge, along with wings.
Also I thought about including a tattoo of Belle's name.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Minor Project: The Beast - Body Designs

The Beast
Body Designs

After spending a bit away from the Beast, I decided it was time to look back to my favorite initial sketch and develop it further. (A) is closest to the original, with the others having some variants.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Minor Project: The Bear Prince - Updated Body

The Bear Prince
Updated Body

Late this evening I was able to finish off the body for the Bear Prince.

@Phil/Alan Minor Project: The Bear Prince - Updated Body Shape?

The Bear Prince
Updated Body Shape?

Posting the new body shape for the bear to make sure I'm on the right track before I continue further later this afternoon. I definitely like the new version as the last was definitely a giant Ewok.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Minor Project: The Bear Prince - Face & Body Size Development

The Bear Prince
Facial Feature's Development

Body Size Ideas
Using Original Face

I thought B worked best as he's not too small or too big. I can also see him walking on all four's when needed.

Body B with faces (1), (3) & (4)
Any opinions welcome!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Minor Project: Silver - Outfit Design Influence Maps

Combining Fashion

I need to combine new 'recognizable', stereotypical fashion with vintage fashion to match my 'fantasy' world. After the tutorial with Phil, I knew that having Silver wear a 'snapback' wasn't quite right. In the world of the Brother's Grimm, there are no shops; so the fashion would be similar to that of the early folklore/fairy tale beginnings.

Modern Day "Skater" Fashion

Vintage/1800's Fashion Remakes

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Minor Project: Silver - Initial Hat & Hands Design

Hair & Hands Design

After figuring out her body's size and stature, I decided to sketch out the type of magical/powerful hands she would have. Her hands were removed in her original story, by a demon, for 'being too good'.

Initial Hair/Accessory Designs

Design B showed the character 'Silver' is the most. This was taken further; design (3) showed promise.

Development of Snapback

Designs B & C were my favorites. Pattern designs will soon follow.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Minor Project: Silver - Face Design Development

SILVER 8-14 Years Old
Face Design Development

I developed the face for the character 'Silver-Hands' using the opinions of my sisters, their friends, my boyfriend and his family. I will be designing the hair for her along with the body design (and powerful hands). Her silhouette has to be very striking and the two need to work in harmony.

Stage (3) Further Changes
(1.A) & (2.B) came out on top

Stage (2) Feature Changes
Designs B, C, F & G were all picked, but F & G were taken further

Stage (1) Base Designs
Design (2) was taken further

Cara Delevingne

Monday, 5 October 2015

@Anyone Minor Project: Brand Name Ideas

Brand Name Ideas

A bunch of mythical characters (heroes) need to defeat the most evil and dangerous creature the magical world will ever face. All taken from the original Brothers Grimm fairy-tales.

  • Mystic League
  • The Cursed Beast
  • MIGHT of the GRIMM      
  • CURSE of the GRIMM               <- Favorite
  • League of The Grimm
  • Legend of The Grimm

I'm really liking the names mentioning/referencing the Brother's Grimm.
Any suggestions?

Friday, 2 October 2015

Minor Project: Animatic/Animation Inspiration

Animation Inspiration

As I want to create three characters for an animation sequence, I just wanted to show similar outcomes I am aiming towards. As I'm also going to produce an animatic, I thought I'd just peer over the top of the Minor project to see what the end goal could be.

"All power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." John Acton

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Minor Project: The Beast - More Sketches 02 and 'The Conflict'

The Beast
Initial Sketches (02)

I've taken sketches (2) and (3) and developed them further. I want to understand his form, so a talk with Justin may be in need; but for now these are my attempts.


The Beast needs a conflict; a social head to head which makes him who he is. The one word that sums up this character is 'REVENGE'. So his conflict is that he is normally a shy, timid creature who now is forced into the open with nowhere to hide; alongside pure hatred for all magic.