Monday, 14 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Seventh Sketchbook Thumbnails

The Nautilus Saloon

Here are my very first initial thumbnails for my Saloon scene. I struggled with perspective whilst sketching, specially with the furniture. However I think I have come up with a few decent drawings that I will be taking forward. 

(168 - 176)

My favourites on this page are 170, 174 and 176.
174 has the most interesting perspective, however it has less "going on" within its scene. 170 includes a lot more yet is still very 'box' like. 

(177 - 185)

My favourites on this page are 177, 182 and 183.
182 again has the better perspective, I also like the layout of the bar and furniture. This could also put an emphasis on colour comps.

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