Monday, 14 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Saloon Concept Ideas

A Modern Saloon

As I have a chosen a modern approach to my three scenes, this will also apply to my Saloon.
Figure 1 is a photograph demonstrating the look of how a modern Saloon can be.

(Figure 1: Photograph of a Modern Saloon)

(Figure 2 & 3: In-film shots of Sam Bell, Sam Bell's Clone and GERTY)

I'd like to interpret a bar and lounge area that maybe could include a robotic ''butler''. The butler would be fixed into the ceiling but could move around freely on its own. This idea reminds me of the film ''Moon'' directed by Duncan Jones. Within this film there is a robotic companion of the main character called 'Sam Bell' known as 'GERTY'. 

Illutration List:

Figure 1 - Accessed on 14/10/2013

Figure 2 & 3 Moon In-film Shots - Accessed on 14/10/2013

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