Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Sixth Sketchbook Thumbnails

Submarine Forest

These are the more broader thumbnails for my 'Submarine Forest' scene. It's been difficult to show and distinguish depth using pencil in a small thumbnail box, however I personally can see where things should be within my composition. 

(150 - 158)

On this page my favorites are 151, 152 and 157.
Compared to my first forest thumbnails, these images give a better understanding to my scene.151 includes a lot of vast vegetation, however 152 could allow a lot more 'Cinematic' effects.

(159 - 167)

On this page, my favorites are 160, 165 and 167.
I have tried to experiment with the look of some plants and how the current effects their positions. Again with depicting depth, these images do have a wider perspective compared to my original drawings. I like the slanted angle of 167, which adds to the 'uneasiness' of the forest.

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  1. again - much more dynamic, but I still think you could go bigger/wider - maybe take 159, for example, and extend another drawing from it - slide that thumbnail into the bottom left/right of another 16:9 composition and super-size your vision.

    Also see link :)