Monday, 28 October 2013

Secret Lairs Brief: Thoughts & Minor Research

Ghostbusters Concept Art

After reading the Secret Lairs brief on myUCA, I have began looking via the internet at Concept Art that derives the sense of a 'Secret Lair'. I'd like to improve on my last Cinematic Spaces project by experimenting more digitally so improving my digital painting skills. While looking through various images, I discovered a website named Collected Articles RE: Within this site is Concept Art by Stuart Ng which instantly has a 'Lair' approach to some of his pieces.

(Figures 1 - 4: Ghostbusters Concept Art)

I really enjoy the 'paintilyness' of Ng's style as without the use of line art you can still depict objects incorporated in each scene extremely well. He has also used strong, mood setting colours for each of these concepts which 'ooze' their own sense of emotion.

Illustration List:

Figures 1 - 4. Ghostbusters Concept Art. By: Artist: Stuart Ng. (Accessed on 28/10/13) HTML:

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