Wednesday, 16 October 2013

CG Artist: Drawing

Light & Dark

During today's CG Artist: Drawing lesson, we were asked to try and pick up the the light and dark tones within our sketches. Our still life consisted of cardboard structures which had fixed lights within them. 

(Figure 1: First 10-15 min sketch)

This was my first sketch of the day and only took me around 10 minutes as it was mostly intended as a ''warm up''. I used charcoal throughout the day and made this a lot easy to pick up shadows and shading.

(Figure 2: 6 Quick Mini-sketches)

Our next task was to to draw out 6 even squares and drawing quickly in each one. I decided to to focus in on something different each time while also using a different technique; for instance the middle picture on the top row was a continuous line drawing.

(Figure 3: ''Draw what you see!'' 25 min sketch)

For our last drawing we were given half an hour to ''Draw what we can see'' from within the still life. From my position, the box -like object with supporting legs reminded me of a kind of robot with many legs with the circular cut out as shield etc.

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