Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Fifth Sketchbook Thumbnails

The Nautilus Library

These are my new developed Library scene thumbnails looking at perspective and composition. I've tried to incorporate a glass wall in each, looking out into the ocean with a futuristic approach. I also have varied the sizes of the rooms; from a large office to a wide open hall incorporating spiralling staircases. 

(132 - 140) 

On this page, my favorites are 133, 135 and 139. 
These three thumbnails have the biggest potential to be taken forward and really developed. 135 has the most interesting perspective and could combine colour and composition. 

(141 - 149)

On this page, my favourites are 142, 145 and 148.
 These three thumbnails focus on open, simplistic spaces. The largest wall of 148, would be looking out into the ocean and the rest of the room would be filled with bookshelves and modern furniture. Along the ceiling I first pictured lights, however looking back - I had a thought of the room being lit from the ocean. 


  1. Hey Heidi, these thumbnails are about a billion times more enticing now - much more filmic and 'what if?' I like the drama of 135 and the 'bigness' of 132. I like the spiral staircase a lot - nothing evokes a kind of Victoriana more quickly than a spiral staircase. I think you should look at the concept art of Ken Adam - the Bond designer - for more inspiration - I think you'll enjoy his spaces in line with what these thumbnails are beginning to articulate :)

    1. Hi Phil,

      Yes, these are a lot better in my opinion as it does give a modern look on the Victorian era. :) And thank you for passing on some Artist knowledge; I've had a brief research already and looks very promising!

  2. I really like the perspective of 134, I couldnt help but link this but I found this whilst i was looking for a painting to do a master study on

    i hope it helps or plays a different view for you, if youre interested its by Jacek Yerka