Wednesday, 26 March 2014

CG Artist: (26/03/14) Still Life Drawing

Still Life
Pattern and Shape

This mornings still life drawing lesson was another structure created by Phil to let our minds go wild.

(Image of Structure)

(Mixed Media)

I really liked the shapes and depth to the still life today, also with the colours and shapes projected onto it.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Maya Tuts: Crane, Dolly, & Distance Shots

Pre-Viz Tutorials: Crane, Dolly & Distance

Dolly Shot:

Crane Shot:

Distance Shot(s):

CG Artist: (19/03/14) Still Life Drawing

Still Life
Pattern and Shape

During this mornings still life drawing lesson, we had been shown a structure that Phil had to put together that we could use for our imaginations to further experiment with shape and pattern to create sketches and paintings from.

(Photo of Sculpture)

Mixed Media (20 Min)

(Charcoal/ Collage - Continuous Line 15 Min)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Fantastic Voyage: AMOEBA Colour Experiments

(-)Scrolling Colour Experiments: Level (1)/Demo
Feedback Welcome!

The Fantastic Voyage: V2 Colour Experiments

(-)Scrolling Colour Experiments
Feedback Welcome!

The Fantastic Voyage: V2 AMOEBA Concept Rethink?

New Idea: Needing Feedback
Concept in Progress

Instead of having an up-scrolling part of the game, I thought about rotating the in-progress concept art to match the first version to continue with the side-scrolling action. It appears that this works better as a visual concept. Any thoughts?

The Fantastic Voyage: V2 AMEOBA Colour Thumbnails

Up-Scrolling Colour Thumbnails
Feedback Welcome!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Fantastic Voyage: V1 AMOEBA Colour Thumbnails

Side-Scrolling Colour Thumbnails
Feedback Welcome!

The Fantastic Voyage: Storyboard & Potential Music

Rough Game Trailer Storyboard

Possible Music Choice W/O Voice Over:

CG Artist: (12/03/14) Life Drawing


During this mornings life drawing we were told that we would be looking at the time it takes to get down the figure in the page and how different  methods can help with this.

30 Second Pose

10 Second Pose & 20 Minute Pose

2 Minute Pose

1 Minute Pose

I really enjoyed todays lesson as it allowed me to work at my best when creating very quick sketches.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Fantastic Voyage: Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme
Feedback Welcome!

Working out the ideal colour scheme. I want it to be vibrant, arcade like and dramatic. These colours will feature in the Matt paintings and intractable items within the game.

Chosen logo: Number (1) - with added feature from number (3).

The Fantastic Voyage: AMOEBA Logo Ideas

AMOEBA: Logo Ideas
Feedback Welcome!

The Fantastic Voyage: Getting Down to Business!

Branding (Game) Name?
Feedback Welcome!

As I have decided on what my game consists of and what it will look like; it important I now decide to look at potential names/branding for my game. The names to chose from are...

Game Design(s)

Here are my pages of development for my game along with its descriptions.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Adobe Illustrator: Character & Tracing


This afternoons Illustrator lesson involved using what we had learned to create a vector image of one of our own characters. I chose Jet from my Script to Screen project as my chosen character.


We was also shown how to create a Mari Mushroom character; I had almost completed mine until my Mac crashed at the end of the time before saving! I know for next time!