Thursday, 31 October 2013

@Phil Character Profile Draft

Hyperborean Demon: Lapsis
(Latin - Fallen/Angel)

(Figure 1: Diablo Falling From Heaven)

Basic Idea

  • Craved to change the fate of humanity itself; Reblessing the Earth reborn
  • Became a cursed soul and was casted down from the Heavens
  • Receded far down into Hell's core to become the up most twisted, tormented and evil spirit
  • Searched and hungered for revenge on those who thou damned
  • Has begun to manifest beneath Earth's crust within the 'White/Blue Soul Stone'
  • Black misty body; Pure white flaring eyes
  • When he becomes close to the Soul Stone white demonic symbols appear around him
  • The 'Lair' glows with the pulse of the Soul Stone

Fig. 1. Diablo Falling From Heaven (2013) From: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls [Trailer Still] United States. Blizzard Entertainment. At: (Accessed on 31.10.2013)


  1. a question then: where does the hyperborean bit come into play? Right now, it sounds as if your demon came from someplace else and ended up there... That makes your demon a tourist. Have you considered that your demon might be demon born from ice and cold? Might not a hyperborean demon be the bringer of winter - the personification of winter? To me, this backstory is a bit generic, because you're not pulling him out of the world of your word, but rather grafting him into your world... what do you think?

    1. Ah, yes. I think you're right actually. So perhaps change "from the heavens" to a rather more earthly backstory? So perhaps instead of an "Angel" he would have originally been a human being living 'up North'? Also, what do you think of the 'hero prop' and the basic description of the demon itself? Thanks. :)