Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Research - Lord of The Rings

Shelob the Giant Spider

Shelob is a giant spider from the 'Lord of The Rings' series and appears at the end of the fourth book, 'The Two Towers'. Her lair is set in Cirith Ungol, or known as ''the pass of the spider'' leading into MordorGollum deliberately leads Frodo Baggins there in hopes of recovering the One Ring, which is when Shelob attacks Frodo. 

(Figures 1 & 2: In-film shots Shelob attacking Frodo)

I love the vast amount of webbing within Shelob's lair and find that her eyes add to the whole 'creepiness' and 'fear'. During the course of this week and the next I plan on developing my sea spider to have some sort of face with glaring eyes showing reflective light.


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Illustration List:

Figure 1 Shelob's Webbed Lair - Accessed 08/10/2013

Figure 2 Shelob Creeping up on Frodo - Accessed 08/10/2013

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