Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Character: Basic Profiles

Character Profiles
Feedback Welcome!

A brief and basic description of the characters that will be in my game, to help understand who they are and what they do to help with my designs.


  • Name:
  • Species: Chameleon, Shape-Shifter
  • Age: 15

The shape-shifter would be played during stealth and stealing missions. This character would allow you to blend into your surroundings, creep up behind enemies to listen for information and climb up and down vertical surfaces. Using his tail as an advantage.

  • Name:
  • Species: Silver Fox, Weapons-Master and Leader
  • Age: 16

The leader of the group would be the main character played in the game. This character would be the most skilled hero with many weapons at his arsenal. This character would be the most brutal, similar to a ninja. Specifically in sabotaging missions.

  • Name:
  • Species: Badger, The Inventor
  • Age: 13

The collaborator of information and the brains of operational missions. Always inventing/creating weapons to aid with obstacles for missions. Invented smoke bombs, flares, tranquil darts, etc. This character would be the 'distraction' for enemies.


  • Name:
  • Species: Albino Ferret, Obsession with Power
  • Age: 33

The villain would the symbol of corruption, wanting 'the' change; to turn away from mother nature. Controls all of the factories and mining facilities. The dominating figure. The 'Boss'.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Character Design Class (04)

Character and Environment
Donkey Kong

I used the idea of having a level behind a giant monument of a monkey that would release barrels and fire and things to jump over as you progress up in the platform game.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Character: Design Research

Design Research

As my game will be inhabiting anthropomorphic characters, semi-realistic surroundings and powerful enemies, I decided to look into a existing games I believe could really influence my own ideas and give a better understanding to the design route I wish to take.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

The Ratchet and Clank franchise was something I really enjoyed in my childhood. It's overall design, detail and connection towards the characters that you meet is something that kept me hooked in every game. It's something like this that I want for my game, keeping you interested with the design but with a meaningful story that the player can also relate too and learn from.

Thief (4)

What really caught my eye when I saw Thief during E3 was its amazing detail and how it is set in an medieval, Victorian/ steampunk environment; similar to that too the Industrial Revolution. During this gameplay trailer, you are shown how much thinking goes into every stealth mission Garret (The thief) goes into. From lights to heights. Something to consider for my game.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

The Sly Cooper franchise has a strong connection with anthropomorphic characters. What I want to pick up from this game is the game play itself. The third person view with the feel you aren't just playing a character, but you're playing an animal as well.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Character: New & Refined Game Idea

(Hunger Games GIF)


After a long discussion about my game with Alan, we agreed that something was still missing that would drive it. So we thought of a question: "What if the Industrial Revolution never stopped? A world was still powered by coal and steam? And we were running out?"

 General Plot

The game would be set in a world of 'Industrial Technology', where everything is still powered by coal and steam. A world of poverty and pollution, adults turning their backs on nature, tradition and individuality. While the adults work to discover a new source of power, we join a group of young heroes, who unknown to their parents, have discovered an ancient spirit, called Mother Nature. The spirit warns them that soon her essence within nature will be discovered by the adults who work for the power-hungry villain, and they will want this essence for its everlasting power, that would soon result in her death. The young heroes must come together to stand up to the adults for what they know is right and protect whats left of nature, before it is truly lost forever.

Video Game: Play-Style

The perspective will be in third person. Each character will have unique abilities specific to that character and would rely on each other to complete 'missions'. You would play each character separately, swapping from character to character as you need to.


Missions would relate to sabotaging the villains inventions/ sneaking into factories and stealing parts/ equipment/ plans etc. Defending Mother Nature. Attempting to put an end to the revolution. I plan on developing this much further as this would be the interchanging link to progression through the game. 

Stealth/Hiding, Skill, Violence, Weaponry, Teamwork & Memory

Anthropomorphic Characters
(In Development)

Villain: Name: --- Power-hungry.

(Group Hero) + General Characteristics
Character (1): Name: --- Adventurer. Scouter - finding information.
Character (2): Name: --- Shape-Shifter. Sly but imaginative.
Character (3): Name: --- Weapons master. Potential leader, older than the others.
Character (4): Name: --- Intelligence. The young inventor.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

@Alan Character: Developed Game Idea?

Definitive Game Idea
Crime, Age & Revolution

Game Type & Audience: Mature Audiences - Video Game (Single Player/ Multi-Player)
Environment: Crime/Labor/Curfew (Industrial Revolution)
Mechanics: Stealth/Hiding, Skill, Violence, Weaponry, Teamwork & Memory

We join the game after an evil force has swept through the city in search of 'magical' beings, under the command of the power-hungry villain. The (thought to be) 'non-magical' generation is left to work for the villain, while the gifted are taken prisoner and used for their sources to power revolutionary inventions. The heroes must come together while also keeping their newly discovered powers hidden from society, until the time is right to put an end to the villains ways and fight back for freedom.

The perspective will be in third person, and each character will have unique abilities specific to that character. Each would have a task to do on missions, as though communicating via electronics. You would play each character separately, swapping from character to character as you prefer/need to. Unless on solo-missions.

Anthropomorphic Characters:
Villain: Name: --- Species: (Silver Fox)
Hero (1): Name: --- Stealthy.
Hero (2): Name: --- Shape-Shifter.
Hero (3): Name: --- Weapons master.
Hero (4): Name: --- Intelligence.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Character Design Class (03)

Character and Environment

Today's character design class was about the settings of characters and their environments. We were told to look to our left at the person sitting next to us and use one of their words that were pointing at. I got 'Temperature' and thought of ways to create something using a high temperature.

On the left I created a boss creature from the influence of bugs and their deference's combined with lava and steam. On the right was our second task to create an existing character in a different environment. I got Lara Croft and Ancient Rome. I imagined something very similar to a female Assassins Creed.

Narrative: Draft Storyboard (V2)

Draft Storyboard (02)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Character: The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution
Understanding My Game

Tying together my three words (Crime, Age & Revolution) seems to be what I am missing from my gaming world. After speaking with Alan about this, we decided to take a look at two of the words I was given; 'age' and 'revolution'.

Age is what sets us Human apart. It sets up every generation with different stereotypical traits and could easily tie in with the word 'revolution'. We instantly agreed that the Industrial Revolution is where children vs adults could occur the most in any part of history. This definitely works well with the current ideas I have already for my video game; including anthropomorphic characters.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

@Alan Character: In-depth Game Ideas

In-Depth Video Game Ideas
Any Feedback Welcome!

Game (1)

Game Type & Audience: Mature Audiences - Video Game (Single Player)
Environment: Middle of a Rebellion/ Revolution
We meet the heroes after the world has fallen. Society and order are no more along with the government/soldiers who are under the control of a twisted/ corrupted A.I who seeks to become the most powerful cybernetic being. The heroes have to find a way to stop this before all power has been lost and to finally face the A.I itself.

Game Mechanics: Teamwork, preparation, memory.

                       Hero: The wise man. An old friend of a relative to the other heroes.
                       Hero: All guns blazing. No patience. Thinks with a gun.
                       Hero: Shapeshifter. Finds a way through re-enforcements and is a stealth killer.
                       Side-Kick: Robotic Companion/ Adviser/ Pet
                       Villain: Artificial Intelligence

Game (2)

Game Type & Audience: Mature Audiences - Video Game (Online Single/ Multi-Player)
Environment: Middle of a Rebellion/ Revolution

An evil force lead by a villain has taken siege over part of a 'world/city' causing mass destruction and chaos. The unknown heroes escape and set out to fight back against the forces while defending themselves against other groups of survivors. The heroes must claim back their home world by defeating the villain and his forces before order and hopes of returning are lost forever.

Game Mechanics: Teamwork, stealth, hiding, weaponry, preparation.

                       Hero: Older character but with more experience/ skilled in combat.
                       Hero: Shapeshifter. The slick and stealthier of all the characters.
                       Hero: The brains, the mind behind stealth and scavenging operations.
                       Hero: The daredevil. The ambitious and more sly of all the characters.
                       Side-Kick: Robotic Companion/ Adviser/ Pet
                       Villain: (Unknown)

Character Design Class (02)

Character Silhouettes
Mad Scientist

During yesterdays character design class I was given a Mad Scientist to create silhouettes to convey form and structure. To make these silhouettes better I could make the body language stronger.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Character: Video Game Ideas

Basic Video Game Ideas
Environment, Character & Concept

(Anthropomorphic Character)

After today's character lesson, I decided to definitely take my characters either down the anthropomorphic or unrealistic design route. This will enrich my character ideas and the game concept itself and make my world even more unique. These are three of the strongest ideas I have right now at their bare bones.

Game (1)

Game Type & Audience: Mature Audience
Video Game (Single Player/ Multi-Player)
Middle of a Rebellion/ Revolution
'Something' ancient with significant importance, has been stolen and caused mass disruption. It has been stolen to use as a power source and the Heroes have to find out who did this and stop it before 'its too late'.

                       Hero: (1)
                       Hero: (2)
                       Hero: (3)
                       Side-Kick: Robotic Companion
                       Villain: Artificial Intelligence


Character(s): Mentor & Apprentice Group >
                       Hero: Wise
                       Hero: Apprentice
                       Side-Kick: Robotic Companion
                       Villain: Artificial Intelligence

Game (2)

Game Type & Audience: Mature Audience
Video Game (Single Player/ Multi-Player)

Middle of a Rebellion/ Revolution

An evil force has taken over and sets to destroy 'something' and the heroes have to get to 'something' first before he destroys the world.

                       Hero: (1)
                       Hero: (2)
                       Hero: (3)
                       Villain: Unknown

Game (3)

Game Type & Audience: Mature Audience
Video Game (Single Player/ Online)

Middle of a Rebellion/ Revolution

An evil force has taken over and caused mass destruction and has set the 'world' in chaos. The Heroes set out to destroy the evil force while defending themselves against other clans/ groups.

                       Hero: (1)
                       Hero: (2)
                       Hero: (3)
                       Hero: (4)
                       Side-Kick: Robotic
                       Villain: Unknown

Monday, 13 October 2014

@Alan Narrative Structure & Hollywood: The Equalizer

(The Equalizer Film Poster)

Exposition & Inciting Incident: We meet the Hero; (Robert) we are noticeably shown his attention to detail and his O.C.D (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). He lives around time and his very basic living environments with little sleep. At the local Café he always see's and talks to a young lady named Teri, who we then find out that she is a prostitute. When Robert walks her home one night they are crossed by her 'employer' (Slavi) who later beats up and hospitalizes Teri for her miss-conduct.

Rising Action: Throughout the film, Robert is encountered by many people who cross him and his friends; he always gets them back - Equalizing. The biggest of them all, Slavi and his men. Robert kills them for what they did to Teri. However, they are part of the Russian Mafia lead by a man named Pushkin, who sends his enforcer (Teddy) to investigate and find whoever did this. Robert is now being investigated with many attempts to neutralize him.

Climax: After countless failed attempts to kill Robert, there is a showdown at Roberts workplace (a DIY store). Teddy is holding Robert's friends captive. Robert fights the men in complete blackness and in stealth. The last man standing being Teddy. Killing him.

Falling Action: Freeing his friends and defeating Teddy and his men, Robert seeks to end the Russian Mafia for good by searching and killing for the 'head of the snake', Pushkin - who is living in Russia. He succeeds.

Denouncement: Robert goes back to his old ways before bumping into Teri again, who is now living a normal teenage life. She thanks him for all that he has done and they depart. We later see Robert again at the Café, yet this time with his laptop, answering an email to someone asking for his help.

Narrative: Miss Andry Thumbnails

Quick Miss Andry Thumbnails

Trying to express some thought into what Miss Andry's appearance would be. Left it quite open for further ideas and changes. Taking Sam's headpiece initial sketches as reference.

Maya Tut: Character Modelling (05) The Eyes

Stage (05) Head Modelling
The Eyes

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Character: Basic Influence Maps

Basic Influence Maps

These are my basic influence maps for my three words for my character project. I thought I would find visual reference for the idea of my game to help me understand what my game 'actually' is.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Character: Word Definitions

Word Definitions
Nouns & Synonyms

Crime Noun:

  • Illegal Activities.
  • An action or activity considered to be evil, shameful or wrong.
  • A foolish act of practice.
  • Criminal activity and those engaged in it.

Crime Synonyms:

  • Corruption
  • Infraction
  • Misconduct
  • Felony
  • Violation
  • Transgression
  • Trespass

Age Noun:

  • The length of time that a person has lived or a thing that has existed.
  • A particular stage of someones life.
  • A period of history marked by some feature or characteristic.
  • Experienced, lived.

Age Synonyms:

  • Ancient
  • Antique
  • Timeworn
  • Rusty
  • Senescent
  • Gray/Silver

Revolution Noun:

  • A enforceable overthrow of of a government or social order, in favor of a new system.
  • An overthrow of an established government or political system.
  • A radical and persuasive change in society and social structure. Often accompanied by violence.
  • A sudden complete market change.

Revolution Synonyms:

  • Innovation
  • Uprising
  • Mutiny
  • Defiance
  • Violence
  • Strike
  • Transform

Character Design Class (01)

Character Design Class (01)
Game Design: Metal Gear Solid & Mouse Trap Game Ideas

Today's first character design lesson was straight after our character design briefing. To help us out with ideas we were given two cards with different types of existing games on them. Our task was to create another game based on the concepts of the pre-existing games.

The two games I were given was Metal Gear Solid & Mouse Trap, so I bullet pointed the general concepts of both games and made a list of the strongest parts of each game that I could take forward and apply to my one.

(Stealth Hiding Sneaky Armour Powers Weaponry)

(Mechanical Bright Mice Escaping Running Traps/Ladders)

The game I come up with would be a Player Vs Player environment, player one being the mice and player two being the evil mastermind. Player one has to try sneak into the factory without being seen by the evil masterminds forces and escape with the ''bounty'' - player two would set up traps for player one to fall into and try and stop he/she from escaping. 

Character Briefing: The Three Cards!

After this mornings character briefing, we we're given three cards with separate words on them. We are tasked to take these three words and create a card, board or video game from them.


I am extremely excited about my cards and the ideas that will follow. This week will be my time to come up with as many ideas and scenarios as possible to set the scene for my characters.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Narrative: Miss Andry Script Draft (V2)

Ideas for Voice Over Draft (02)

This is my own interpreted script idea for the voice over for our animation. Click here for the original draft created by Livi. We have decided to name our character 'Miss Andry/ André' (Misandry) meaning 'the hatred of men'.

"They... they think they're so... 'special'."
"Do they honestly think that I'm still haunted by that cruel, unforgiving memory? Ha!"
(Pause) "But you could say it's SO... thrilling!"

*Feminine laughter*

(Circus Music Starts)

"Forget what society told you; (Pause) in-fact, forget everything those... men told you."
"Because I've CHANGED them! They're different! Way, way...  'different'."

*Feminine giggles*

"There is only one other species like us that understands; - Understands how we are SO much more... (Pause) DEADLY!"

"My Black-Widow sisters!"

"I study them... idolize them, you... could add; they are what 'I' truly... am!"
"They say, give a man a mask... and he will reveal his true SELF!"


"But don't worry... I've given them a mask of my own!"

*High pitched laughter*

"Ohhh isn't it marvelous! - This unstoppable, unshakeable madness they have stumbled into! Ha!"
"Come now darlings!(Monotone Voice) Embrace... the darkness."
"Let me show you... (Pause) What 'I' can do!"
"Welcome, to MY CIRCUS!"

*Evil Laughter*

(Circus Music Ends)

"Don't stray too close now..."

*Feminine giggles*

Friday, 3 October 2014

@Alan Archetypes: Hot Fuzz

Character Archetypes: Hot Fuzz

(Hot Fuzz Film Poster 2007)

The (Willing) Hero: Nicholas Angel - The main character who we follow throughout the film. The mistreated Police officer trying to do justice with his job.

The Mentor: Inspector Frank Butterman - The believed 'Good Guy' who seems to always be on Nicholas's side, enforcing his beliefs and reels in Nicholas's temperament.

The Herald: PC Danny Butterman - Always copying what Nicholas says and does. Could also be seen as a Trickster because of his humor.

The Shadow: Simon Skinner -The too obvious 'Bad Guy' who we meet from the very beginning of the film. ''I'm a slasher... Of prices!''

The Threshold Guardian: Met. Chief Inspector - The man who sends Nicholas away to the Stanford Police Station for his new job for making the other officers 'look bad', despite Nicholas's refusal. Who later wants him to return!

The Trickster(s): DC Andy Wainwright & DC Andy Cartwright - The 'piss' takers, the jokers of the group. Always picking on Nicholas and Danny with childish remarks.

The Shapeshifter: Sergeant Turner - The man who always looks different every time Nicholas encounters him. (Spoiler) We later find out there are two Sergeant Turners!

Allies: PC Danny Butterman / Stanford Police Service - Throughout the film, Nicholas is accompanied by Danny. After the exposure of the Stanford cult, Nicholas rallies the Police to fight against them.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Narrative: Who is ''She''?

Who is this 'Psycho' Spider Woman?

Here are two of the strongest character back stories for the 'Spider Woman' that I have come up with. Describing who she is, how she came about this way and why is she even involved with a circus in the first place.

(Profile One)

  • A young woman who is jealous of her past.
  • Jet black hair. Very tall with long limbs. 
  • Talented gymnast, but horribly nicknamed 'Spider Girl' because of her flexibility.

One day her school was holding a gymnastics competition. The young teenager had always had a flair for gymnastics and was incredibly flexible. She also fancied a young boy who was sitting in the audience, but there was another girl who was also incredibly talented and also interested in this boy. While on the beam, showing off to the boy, she fell off the equipment, and came last in the competition. And the other girl came first; And won the attention of the boy. The other girls and the boy teased her and tormented her about her looks and falling off the beam. Angry and upset, she ran home. The girl sat by her window and watched it rain outside. 

A circus leaflet hit against the window. It was an advertisement for a passing by circus searching for talented gymnasts to join them and become stars of the show. That night she packed her bags and left to join them. Filled with hatred of her past. Cursed and haunted by her memory. We could join her (years later) and at her worst mental state; entering her mind and her torment. She could be asking us questions to see if we, the audience, can relate to her. We are in 'her world'. A deadly, psychotic, jealous woman's mind who believes she is a spider living in a circus. A Black Widow. The master. A monster. A deadly woman.

(Profile Two)

  • A girl who had been dominated by men in her past. 
  • Lived and was brought up with her farther and four brothers. She is the youngest. 
  • Always picked on by them and other boys at school. 

One day while she was walking home upset, she almost walked into a spiders web that crossed her path. She looked into the web and noticed a female Black Widow spider in he center. She watched a smaller spider crawl into the center to join her, with what seemed to be a fly to give her. The female spider took the offering, but then attacked the male spider and killed it. The girl was amazed, shocked. But this made her realize that woman can be more deadly than the male.

From that moment on, she was fascinated by spiders. She grew more confident every time she pictured the female Black Widow. She began to acted like one, wanted to *become* just like one. Having enough at home, she ran away and joined the passing circus. Only to be picked on by other circus acts for being a 'freak'. She later takes out vengeance on every male circus acts and puts them under her control.

Narrative: Understanding Character & Influences

Understanding the Psycho
Is this all in her head?

From the Batman: Arkham Origins game, I believe that the Jokers particular madness, psychotic, enriched design fulfills the female we are trying to create. I believe once we understand our main character, the rest will soon fall into place. Once she has become clear to why she is a spider, why is she even in a circus, understanding her mind will surely emerge.

Concept Art & In-game Screenshots

After discussing my idea with Sam and gaining an 'out-sider' point of view from Rhys, I think that making our animation an 'art piece' in a style that grabs the audiences attention from the beginning can make quite and engaging piece of work.

 I found that this particular Batman: Arkham Origins game scene (from 40 seconds) grabbed me from the very beginning and has given me loads of inspiration to create a character with a twisted background. We need her to be our focus, our main view point that will make ''The female of the Species is more deadly than the male'' our key 'selling point' for us.