Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Maya Tut: Lip Syncing - Jaw Bounce

Narrative: Heavens Hell

Heavens Hell
Anthony Jones Art

After browsing Concept Art World I found the art of Anthony Jones that I had previously discovered back in the first year. His feminine designs in crazy outfits is a style that we as a group could manipulate and use as an influence.

Narrative: Coraline & American Horror Story

American Horror Story
Freakshow Posters & Trailer

Freak Show posters that have very different appearances. Phil linked the American Horror Story trailer, I believe that our idea could grow to become even more creepy and darker than we imagined.

The Other Mother

As we have ideas for a half woman half spider as our main character, 'The Other Mother' from 'Coraline' is a strong influence towards a very creepy, bug like figure that we could aim towards.

Monday, 29 September 2014

@Alan The Hero's Journey: The Chronicles of Narnia

A Hero's Journey: The Chronicles of Narnia
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

(Narnia Film Poster 2005)

Ordinary World: Earth, or the House of the Professor (Evacuation Home).

Call To Adventure: Discovering Narnia beyond the Wardrobe.

The Meeting with the Mentor: Mr and Mrs Beaver find the four children soon after they enter Narnia and explain to them why they are the chosen four within a prophecy that will end the White Witches rein, and of the true King's return to Narnia; Aslan.

Refusal to The Call: The children think that this must be a mistake, they are just ordinary kids who aren't ready to face such a danger and should 'just go home'.

The Threshold: Leaving the Beavers home and entering the world of Narnia to fulfill the prophecy.

Test, Allies & Enemies: Meeting the animals of Narnia to build an army against the White Witches forces. Edmund has betrayed them and sides with the White Witch. Meeting Aslan.

Approach: Yielding weapons to train and to become warriors ans healers for the fight to come.

The Ordeal. Death & Rebirth: Peter is soon required to make use of his new sword by killing Maugrim, the chief wolf of the White Witches Secret Police, who tries to kill Susan. Peter is victorious, and Aslan makes him a knight.

The Reward: Edmund is returned to Aslan after making a deal with the White Witch.

The Resurrection: Aslan sneaks away in the night to finish the bargain with the Witch, only to be killed on the Stone Table, knowing he will be reborn again stronger and ready to fight.

The Elixir: Everyone is safe and Narnia is restored from the eternal Winter after defeating the White Witch. They are crowned Kings and Queens of Narnia.

The Road Back: The four children, now all grown up, find the old wardrobe and are transported back to their Ordinary World.

Maya Tut: Character Modelling (02) Blocking

Stage (02) Head Modelling

Maya Tut: Character Modelling (01) Image Planes & Shelf

Stage (01) Head Modelling
Image Planes & Custom Shelf

Friday, 26 September 2014

Narrative: After Group Meeting Thoughts

New (Basic) Plot Idea
A 'Darker' Route

After having a group discussion today, our ideas turned towards a much darker side of a narrative based upon the pieces of linked inspiration. Our idea emerged from the ''... is more deadly than the male'' half of our saying and therefore we instantly thought of animals that are seen as more dominant and deadly than the male.

(The Tale of The Three Brothers Still Image)

Later we thought of a half spider (black widow) half human female character that could have been part of a freak show and how she has taken out revenge on her twisted keepers/ other male circus acts by creating her 'own' circus. Keeping men as slaves. Our narrative would be a poem spoken in a evil, feminine voice over, a poem about how any female cannot be tamed.

  • Black and White with hints of grubby circus colors of Red and Yellow.
  • Slightly more 2D than 3D effects.
  • Silhouettes.
  • Dramatic camera angles and effective lighting.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Photoshop: Tilt Shift Lens Effect

Tilt Shift Lens Effect

The Tilt Shift Lens effect is something people use to turn an image into what looks like a miniature. This effect is easy made by opening the image into Photoshop, using the 'quick mask' tool over a gradient and then applying a 'lens blur'.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Narrative: Potential Art Style & Plot Influences

Art Style Influences

Here are some of my ideas for style and plot influences for the group Narrative project. Bright, bold and memorable. I believe this could be a good starting point, as ''The female of the species...'' for example, are normally associated with pretty, femininity and attractiveness - yet I reckon this could be taken down with a plot twist - finishing with ''... is more deadly than the male!''

Another idea is mainly influenced by the Hearthstone trailer & Hybris; A voice over with a description - a poem or extract from something to tell a tale of not so ordinary female creatures. I believe this particular route gives us a great start for idea potentials, even the possibility of writing our own rhyming description about why females should never be trusted!

Narrative: Group Name & Branding Ideas

After discussing potential names for our group Narrative project, the following names have stood out and have great branding potential. However things are not yet set in stone.

(Voodoodler's)    (Voodoo Productions)    (The Voodoo's)

Hopefully within the next few days branding designs will take place along with a name!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Group Project - Narrative: Circus!

Earlier today was the briefing of the first project of the second year; the group project! I was delighted to find out that I had been partnered with Livi Wilmore and Sam Cannon, and was eager to find out what we would end up with as our starting point for this project. We ended up with:


My ideas instantly went towards the word ''female'', ''species'' and ''deadly'' and how they can be incorporated into a very interesting, visually creative yet effective Animation Short.
A blog post of my ideas will follow!