Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Minor Project: The Beast - Initial Sketches 01

The Beast
Initial Sketches (01)

Sketches (2) and (3) are my personal favorites and will be developed further.



Minor Project: The Beast - Analysis

an inhumanly cruel, violent, or depraved person
an objectionable or unpleasant person or thing
an animal especially large or dangerous four-footed one
a domestic animal, especially a bovine farm animal
a person's brutish or untamed characteristics

"... for he who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."
Samuel Johnson

Minor Project: The Beast - Influence Map

The Monster Influence Map

Basic map in order to get a start/grip on the qualities of the original 'Beast' but also a 'Monster'.

Monday, 28 September 2015

@Phil Minor Project: REVISED SYNOPSIS


In the land of the 'Brothers Grimm' fairy tales, the world is home to the characters of original stories that live among magical and non-magical beings. Among the non-magical folk is an alchemist, a business man, viscerally conjuring ways in which to become extremely powerful; while at the same time, rich. One night on his travels, he discovers 'The Beast' from 'Beauty & the Beast', angry and betrayed. Belle had left him to return home to her farther, promising to return soon. The Beast, however fears she will not and is convinced of rejection; leaving the castle feeling that no one will ever care for him. The alchemist saw this as his opportunity, so decided to trick the Beast and appear friendly and comforting; asking him to come back to his 'home'.

The alchemist imprisoned and used the Beast as a source of power, extracting his endless amounts of magic to use on his experiments; his storage room filled with vials of "bottled magic" which he plans to sell to non-magical beings to make his fortune. However, the Beast's magic was a curse; corrupted and foul. The alchemists experiments soon turned into twisted creatures and the Beast grew ever more powerful for every extraction the alchemist made. One night, the Beast's inner rage and hatred for magic and magical beings had become unstoppable. His life's miseries all boiled down to the existence of magic. The Beast broke out his prison and brutally killed the alchemist, freeing all the experiments who now followed his lead into the world to purge all with magical powers. He is on the hunt to destroy the very 'thing' he is.

Minor Project: Initial Back-Story Synopsis

Initial Back-Story Synopsis
Just 500 Words!

One night a scientist/alchemist found a vulnerable creature. The creature was full of anger and despair, as many were scared of him for how he looked. The alchemist saw the world as boring and imperfect, so befriended the young creature and used him within his experiments to recreate the creatures magical abilities. He dreamed of creating magic that would enlighten the lands, but most importantly... to be rich. However, soon the creature became corrupted due to the years of experiments and remembering is past. He believed that world was too imperfect and could not be saved; so must be purged of all magic. One night, the creature rebelled against the scientist/alchemist and other life forms; hunting down all he thought unworthy of his magical powers; taking back their magic for himself.

Over the years of torment and terror, the scientist/alchemist conjured a potion to put a stop to the creatures onslaught. He knocked the creature from the sky; yet could not find it within himself to destroy it. He had the creature captured and imprisoned within a high security lock-down chamber. Yet the creature was smarter than he expected, waiting for the perfect opportunity to escape.

Heroes Back-Story

Through his rage and savagery, his actions would cause a butterfly effect leading to the events of the heroes. The creature ventured into the forest and trapped the Bear Prince knowing who he was and removed his magical ability to turn back into a human prince. He was later found by a travelling Circus who forcefully used him within their acts. His lover, Rose-Red never saw him again until her visit to the local Circus where she recognized him and attempted to rescue him with the help of her old friend 'The Master Thief'.

'The Master Thief' became an orphan at the age 6 when his parents were the first victims of the creature when he was unaware of the ability of stealing magic. He was unseen and therefore untouched by the creature. He survived alone until he was later found by Rose-Red and they became friends.

The creature attempted to steal the powers from 'Silver Hands' after barely escaping from his clutches; running through a Briar-Rose hedge using her power of telekinesis to make a pathway. She eventually sought refugee within Briar-Rose's tower; awakening her.

The monster stole the magical power from a fairy godmother who was unable to enchant a sword that would help a savior fight the thorns and vines surrounding Briar-Rose's tower. After being in a sleep for 100 years, the curse of death had taken over her. She was awakened by 'Silver Hands' and was horrified to find that she had not been rescued like the fairy godmother had said. They escaped the thorns and made their way into the forest, where they saw lights coming from a nearby Circus.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

@Alan/Phil Minor Project: The Story and Character Profiles

 photo marionbateille.jpg

The 'Tweaked' Story

A creature (The Monster) was found by a alchemist and used as part of an experiment in the fields of magic and artificial intelligence; in belief he can help cure and perfect the magical world. However, the monsters new obsession for pure magical power resulted in a rebellion against the alchemist and other magical lifeforms. Escaping his confinement, the monster sought all he thought "unworthy" of magical abilities within the world, taking the power within them for himself. (His actions causing a butterfly effect for the events of the heroes) He was later stopped by the alchemist and is now kept within a high security lock-down prison. Decades past since the monster was captured, with many believing the tale to be legend.

The heroes fear the creator, but also the creation.

The Monster <-Link

  • Wants: To seek sources of magic to fulfill his needs and to purge the world of "unworthiness".
  • Needs: To realize that the world is not to blame for his past experiences.
  • Change: That he cannot save the world from imperfection, so he must purge the world of it.
  • Flaws: Unable to see above his own opinion of the magical creatures and relentless seeking of power.
  • Conflict: Remembering his past; (people misunderstanding and being afraid of him) the naivety of his creator and the thought of being free and able to live in a world of 'perfection'.

The Creator/Alchemist

  • Wants: A potion to create the perfect magical being with artificial intelligence to fix the magic in the world.
  • Needs: To look upon the world as not something that needs changing, but something beautiful.
  • Change: Understood that the world did not need saving and the cause of the chaos around the world was keeping the monster alive; which was his own undoing.
  • Flaws: Unable to kill the Monster and cannot stop his compulsiveness to perfect the world.
  • Conflict: To see the world for not only its mistakes but also its successes, but cannot undo his attempts at finding perfection.

  • Wants: To remove the curse of transforming into a bear and completely stay as a humanoid prince forever.
  • Needs: Understand that not everyone judges a book by its cover.
  • Change: Not seeing his bear form as a hindrance, but as something unique and powerful.
  • Flaws: Dislikes his bear form and seeks to find a cure while suppressing his feelings for Rose Red.
  • Conflict: Enjoys the strength and power as a bear, but wants to fulfill the needs of Rose Red.

Rose-Red <-Link

  • Wants: To be in a relationship with the prince, but only as a humanoid.
  • Needs: Understand that all men do not always look like 'Prince Charming'.
  • Change: That her love for the prince goes beyond his appearance and curse, but for who he is.
  • Flaws: Does not want to be with a bear, but with a prince.
  • Conflict: She is conflicted about her love for the prince and the thought of being with him as a dangerous bear.

Adapted Silver Hands (A Creature) <-Link

  • Wants: To get revenge for loosing his/her original hands to a butcher because of mischievous ways.
  • Needs: To learn from his/her mistakes while learning to control his/her new powers from the hands given to him/her by an unknowing blacksmith.
  • Change: Able to control the powers, becomes trustworthy and wants to be part of a team.
  • Flaws: Manipulative and mischievous, always putting him/herself first.
  • Conflict: Putting his/her own needs and wants aside to help the heroes.

  • Wants: To fit in within a community.
  • Needs: Allow himself to reveal his true identity.
  • Change: Reveals who he truly is to the rest of the heroes; a shape-shifter. Stops his criminal ways and embraces new friendship.
  • Flaws: Likes to be anyone he wants and never allows himself to become attached to someone.
  • Conflict: Conflicted about having no attachments/ freedom and learning to accept his feelings towards his new group of friends; specially Briar-Rose.

  • Wants: Be rid of the spell of 'death' upon her awakening, also to show the world she is strong and independent; never allowing anyone to help her.
  • Needs: To understand that it was not her own or attempted rescuers fault that she was never rescued.
  • Change: That not all men are bad; allowing her friends to help her and become part of a family.
  • Flaws: Stubborn and will not forgive. Sees her power as a reminder of her past.
  • Conflict: Her feelings towards the the Master Thief are growing, but can not allow herself to be hurt again.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Minor Project: Understanding My Goals

Understanding My Goals

After a discussion with Alan, we simmered down what it is exactly that I ultimately want/need/should produce by the end of the year. I will be producing a set of characters with strong personalities, while also animating them so their own 'character' is being brought to life. I also discussed general completion goals. I know I cannot produce 7 characters by the end of the year; so from my previous post, I will aim to produce 3 or maybe 4 characters (max) that will allow me time to model them at a high standard, but also able to animate them fully.

Minor Project Goal:

To have fully designed, modeled, skinned, rigged and textured the chosen set of characters; capturing their personalities. Animatic and turnarounds.

End of Year Goal:

To have an animation sequence between the chosen characters that ultimately 'brings them all to life'.

What Next?

I will produce a character portfolio of each characters wants, needs, flaws; etc., underlining their personalities before I begin to design them. This will help me when it comes to their own facial and body expression sketches that will allow me to escape from being afraid of drawing 'humans'.

As I would like to create the 'Bear' character as one of my chosen heroes, the discussion with Alan about fur and its difficulties were as I expected. This I would need to fight for if I followed the 'realistic path', yet their was also a chance to look into other possibilities. If I brought down my drawings a notch; from semi-realistic to slightly more 'cartoony', their could be a way around fur. This is a quick influence map of the type of style of characters I aim to produce. They still hold definition and form yet allow for more personality.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Minor Project: Year Long Project Proposal

After the realization that all in all, I seem to spin around in circles when it comes to finding an idea that hasn't already been done or similar too; I have decided to look back to my previous projects. After a discussion with Phil, he and Alan think that I should look back to my Adaptation B project; I believe this is the way forward. My Adaptation B project consisted of seven characters, with only five having some designs. But (in my honest opinion) none having been finished to a finalized stage.

Project Proposal:

"A year long project, deriving a cast of characters and their story from my original (Adaptation B) Project."

A full re-think of the characters will be issued, with time to derive each character fully; including high levels of design. I would also think of the world's origin for the characters, as well as an update on how they are designed; i.e, 'exaggerated' and perhaps 'not completely human'. I would also think about updating the cast of heroes with a unique art style.

(H) Briar-Rose    (Original Sleeping Beauty)   <-Link
(H) Rose Red     (Snow Whites Sister)   <-Link                     (Replace with Snow White?)
(H) The Bear     (A Cursed Prince - Friend of the Sisters)   <-Link
(H) The Thief     (Norwegian Fairytale)  <-Link
(H) Silver Hands     (The Girl Without Hands)   <-Link
(V) The Monster    (The Owl Fairytale)   <-Link
(V) The Creator    (Made up - Creator of the Monster & deformed the heroes)

Key Features: Year Long Project -  Animatic - Animation for Film - Genre: Action & Fantasy

Idea (1): Design all 7 characters; resulting in turnarounds.

Idea (2): Design the Monster and the 5 heroes; resulting in turnarounds with limited animation.

Idea (3): Design the Monster & Creator with 2 heroes. Perhaps an animation for each.

Idea (4): Design the heroes Rose Red, the Bear and the Monster to a high modelling standard and have a short animation between them. Perhaps a fight scene; almost like a teaser for the characters if the was part of a film.

I really like the Idea (4) as it would make for an interesting result and could help me explore Maya and challenge my skill set. Otherwise, I am unsure if designing all would be possible/ good for a demo reel to show a variety of skills... If so perhaps Idea (3).

Friday, 18 September 2015

@Phil Third Year Project: Story?

"Money Tree"

 This was an idea I had just after discussing the images you linked me and was unsure if to post.  
 I already am looking further into other areas encase this doesn't show potential.

TL;DR: A young hero has bestowed the power of the tree; a gift from the pool of dreams. She must learn to focus this power, and put a stop to the villain harnessing the seed and connecting the gateway to the realm of nightmares.

Dreams & Nightmares

The 'world' was fueled by a tree that was a gift from the pool of dreams. It was the source of life; guidance, knowledge and balance; harnessing it's energy from it's seed. One night, the seed was stolen by a group of monsters sent by another (villain) who sought it's raw power to awaken the echo of nightmares. When the seed was stolen, the remaining essence of the tree fell to the purest creature it could find, a young hero, bestowing the last of it's power. After the fall of the tree, the people scattered among the forests.

Years past and the hero and her grand-farther hid away high up in the tree tops. The grand-farther trained the hero to defend herself. The monstrous echos of the nightmare hunted for the last essence of the tree, and on one day, the hero's hideout was ambushed. The hero and her grand-farther both fought back the creatures, however her grand-father had been hit. As the hero watched, her sadness, her anger and all her strength awakened the essence within; finishing off the remaining echos. Her grand-farther muttered that she was the only chance of the dream returning to their world; the only chance for harmony to be restored. That she must look into the light when surrounded by darkness.

However, an echo that got away reported the sighting of the essence to the villain. His creatures are on the hunt for her and her power. The hero must follow the villains path and find where the villain has control over the seed and close the gateway to the nightmare. The hero has to go on the search for the seed and along the way finds a sidekick. The hero has to steal back the seed, defeat the villain for good and restore the balance of the forest.