Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Minor/Major Project Thoughts

Minor/Major Project Thoughts

For my third year project(s) I am thinking about having it as one large project. The project would focus on character design leading to an animated cinematic of some sort.

I have been watching countless animated shorts, new upcoming film trailers and game advertisements and I have embedded some that I found most inspiring. I don't have any actual 'ideas' yet, however a mixture of these next cinematic's/animated shorts give a range of ideas.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Adaptation: Maya Tutorials and Film Review Submission

Maya Tutorials:

Pipeline (2): Games Modelling
Pipeline (2): Normal & Occ Maps
Pipeline (2): Diffuse Maps & Viewport 2.0
Pipeline (2): Shader FX
Dynamics (1): Intro to Particle Techniques
L&R (2): Mental Ray Lighting Techniques

Film Reviews:

Mary & Max
Sita Sings the Blues
Waltz with Bashir
The Triplets of Belleville
When the Wind Blows
Curse of the Ware Rabbit

Film Review: United Kingdom - Wallace & Grommit: Curse of the Ware Rabbit

Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Ware-Rabbit is a British stop-Motion comedy animation directed by Nick Park and Steve Box in collaboration with Aardman Animations and Dream Works. The film is based on the Wallace & Gromit film series that continues to follow the hilarious pet dog Gromit and his crazy owner Wallace, who is voiced by Peter Sallis. The second length feature film after Chicken Run. The film has won many film awards and was the first ever stop-motion film to win one.

The film follows the daily routine of the pest control agents Wallace and Gromit as they aim to keep the town safe for the upcoming Tottington Hall 'Giant Vegetable Competition'. They use a whole range of Wallaces' inventions to capture and detain rabbits who run rampant through neighborly gardens; which soon turns into a spoof of the classic hammer horror's with pride. The highly eccentric characters and the talent of the animation itself grows ever more British as the film continues.

I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone as it appeals to all ages. From the highly amusing 'lack of words' expressed through body language from Gromit and the love of cheese that Wallace craves; this enjoyable film sticks to the classic Wallace & Gromit we all know and love.

Maya Tutorials: Games Assets - Diffuse Maps & Viewport 2.0

Base Diffuse, Stone Base, Stone Pillars. Rope, Wood & Metal

Maya Tutorials: Games Assets - Normal & Occ Maps

Base Normal, Rope Normal & Occ

Maya Tutorials: Games Assets - Modelling

Low Res, High Res & UV Mapping

Maya Tutorials: Intro to Particle Dynamics

Intro to Particle Dynamics

After having serious issues with my rendering of these dynamics, I have taken screenshots of my progress of the ones I was able to render and play-blasted the rest.

Sketching Particles

Particle Grids

Directional Emitters

Volume Emitters

Per Point Emission

Surface Emission

Curve Flow

Emit From Particles

Collision Events

Instancing Objects

I re-started this tutorial twice trying to find out why the particles were not changing objects but couldn't figure it out.

Instance Rotations

Animated Instances

Goal Weights

Conditional Goal Weights

Maya Tutorials: Shader FX in Maya 2015

Shader FX in Maya 2015

Intro to Shader FX Networks

Displacement: Lava, Dino & Toadstool




UV's & Animation

Maya Tutorials: Mental Ray Lighting Techniques

Mental Ray Lighting Techniques


Linear Work Flow

Portal Lights

Mia Material X Shader


Ambient Occlusion

Motion Blur