Monday, 7 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Research - Dead Space Trilogy

Isaac Clarke's Space Suits

The Dead Space trilogy is a third-person shooter survival horror video game set in the very distant future within Space. Dead Space 2 is the only game I have played and completed, but the influence from Dead Space covers all three of the games.

The space suits seem to be entirely made out of a super strong, flexible metal which allows oxygenated air to enter the suit despite the surrounding environments. 

(Figure 1 & 2: Space Suit Concepts)

Even though they are far from any traditional diving suit, they still could be seen underwater. What I really like about the suits is the glowing lights from the front facing part of the helmet and showing the players health on the back. I have been thinking about changing the original '20'000 Leagues Under The Sea' content to a more futuristic approach, however its making the idea work that will matter once I begin my digital paintings.

(Figure 3: EA's Character Concept Art)

EA's character concept showing the build of a basic space suit's construction is a great example of how intricate the suit is. I would create my interpretation with a much more simplistic style as my aim is to have the audience look at other objects within my scenes.


Dead Space 2 Plot - Accessed 07/10/2013

Other Dead Space Artwork - Accessed 07/10/2013

Illustration List:

Figure 1 Space Suit Concept - Accessed 07/10/2013

Figure 2 Space Suit Concept - Accessed 07/10/2013

Figure 3 EA's Character Concept Art - Accessed 07/10/2013

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