Monday, 21 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Editing Colours

Colour Balance

(222 - 223)

Working from the original on a duplicated layer, the 'Colour Balance' option changed the colour range itself resulting in a more pale palette.


(224 - 226)

Due to the lack of striking appeal from the Colour Balance option, Hue and Saturation changed the colours as well its lightness and darkness. This gave more eye catching ranges to these images.

My preferred colour is the original (Pinks & Purples) edited via the Hue and Saturation tool.


  1. If this is your 'salon' revisited - then hurrah for the lack of rectangles! In terms of your colour, Heidi - ask yourself this? What is your visual concept telling you? What colour should this environment be? Try not to be decorative about colour - you want to use it knowingly and strategically to evoke your world precisely. It's decision time!

    1. Yup very true! Oh and yes its my Saloon 2.0 so to speak. :)