Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Sea Spider Digital Thumbnails

Sea Spider Scene Thumbnails - Second Digital Painting Experience

Over the course of this morning I have been trying to come up with compositions for my third scene. I admittedly struggled choosing the brushes and working straight from the Wacom without pre-sketch book work. However, from guidance from my friends including my creative partner, Adam, I managed to overcome this.

Adam helped me with numbers 12 and 14 specifically thinking about ambient lighting.
Overall, I feel I have improved dramatically from my first ever attempt at digital painting and looking forward to Fridays Photoshop lesson even more.

(Overall thumbnail numbers 117 - 131)

My favourites are 1, 2, 4, 7 and 12.

I also like number 6, however using the grass brush makes the spider look smaller to what it should be. This is because we all know how small grass is, so effects this size of the spider.


  1. Hey Heidi!
    I really like number 1 the most you get the nice sense of the textured brush working along side the harshness of the brush I think it works really well :), but I do feel it needs some sort of figure in there to show how tall and monstrous this spider is :). I would also keep the slanted horizon line on this image to represent the abnormality of the whole composition, I think it would work really well :).

    1. Thanks, Ant. :) You're right, it does need a perspective element with it. Will be working on these ideas soon.

  2. Hey Heidi! Really enjoying your creepy sea spider! It's 10 & 6 for me, it really feels like you're hiding in the long grass when suddenly this spindly giant shows up :P

    1. Thank you, Molly. :) Yes they do give that look. Will be working on more over the next week!