Monday, 28 October 2013

Secret Lairs Photoshop: Warm Up Session 0.3

'Secret Lair of the Steampunk Explorer'

The third part of the session allowed us to focus on the last of the three made up lair examples set by Jordan.

(Figure 1: Steampunk Mood Board)

When I think of steampunk, I instantly picture huge dials, cogs and machinery. However looking at concept art deriving from Steampunk, it is a lot more intricate. This mood board took 10 minutes to gather images.

(Figure 2: Steampunk Quick Sketches)

Working onward from the Gaelic Golem thumbnails, I wanted to look into lighting and actual 'lairs'. This style is new to me yet I feel I can get a lot more pretty accidents from my mark making. These 6 thumbnails took 6 minutes to paint.

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