Saturday, 29 August 2015

Third Year Project: #2 Story Idea

"What if a type of fizzy/energy/alcoholic drink turned anyone that drank it into monsters/creatures that infested the planet?"

Plot Ideas

  • 1) After the world has "accidentally" been infected by an up and coming drinks company, a hired 'exterminator team' is needed to sweep through the lands and wipe out the creatures. Perhaps this team works for a rogue organisation (or the leading drinks company) with hidden intentions. As the heroes of the story would soon discover.
  • 2) The leading company who created the mystery drink now uses the infected at it's command to dominate and control the planet. In the act of entertainment, the organisation trains its creatures against captured survivors in a tournament, also against rivaling teams in a set of trails. Winners win ultimate fame and 'freedom'. Maybe the only way the hero(s) will discover how to beat these creatures and put an end to the corruption is to enter and compete in the trials.
  • 3) Perhaps one of the first cities who received the mystery drink in stores had become infected. Maybe the drink was the companies "experimental" remedy that was "mistakenly" released. They tried to cover up the outbreak on sabotage and are now on the hunt for the criminal(s) (heroes) who so happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The hero(s) try to reveal the truth about the company and its hidden intentions.
My favorite is number (3).

Further Development: Culture, Genre & Pipeline?

My world wouldn't include a specific culture from Earth, as this world would feature on another planet where humans had moved to thousands of years ago; changed due to evolution or space travel. Perhaps this could lead to a culture mix. Or there is a completely different race all together?

The genre for my idea could potentially be taken two different ways. The first could be a comedy-action sci-fi spoof. The second idea was about perhaps turning this very funny plot into a more serious scenario - a mixture of action/spy.

The end of the pipeline I want to aim to produce is either a film or game cinematic trailer. Whether this effects the pipeline or not I am unsure, as I would be modelling the characters for animation purposes.

Now to start sketching out my ideas!