Friday, 18 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Second Forest Colour Changes

Hue/Saturation - Chanel Mixer - Vibrance - Brightness/Contrast

(204 - 207)

Experimenting with the various Image > Adjustment tools, I discovered more colour combinations. I'm trying to determine if I want a 'tropical' looking or 'Un-worldly' forest.


  1. The colours are beautiful! I like 2 and 3 :)

  2. You should consider using blur to create a sense of depth; suggestion - select and copy the whole scene and paste onto of this one: then blur the whole top image, so that it softens; then use the erase tool to 'rub out' the blurred version, leaving elements of the duplicate image below in sharper focus; this way you can push focal depth into your composition easily - choose a 'brush type' for the erase tool that will give you a nice soft edge and work with a reduce pressure to give you lots of control.

  3. Love the forth as it has colour elements from all four pictures :)!

  4. Hey Heidi! You've got some lovely work coming on here, I love the feel of these thumbnails. I definitely agree with Phil, if you could have a play with keeping some of the image in focus and the rest slightly blurred and out of focus you'll be onto something really great. Colour-wise, I'm drawn to 3 and 4, is there maybe an in-between of them both?