Wednesday, 9 October 2013

First CG Artist: Drawing Lesson

Still Life

During todays drawing lesson, we had to sketch from a pre-made still life in the middle of the room and we could use any medium we liked. If you had brought an item in from home, you could add that to the mix of objects there already. Such items were; a skeleton, potted plants, an umbrella, a mannequin and several other items.  

At first, we had a talk about many famous artists and their particular styles like expressionism, realism and abstract's.

(Figure 1: My Warm Up)

This was my 5 to 7 minute practice drawing using the basic charcoal medium. I just wanted to get used to drawing on the floor and to mark making. I wasn't really going with a particular style, however I liked the looseness of the lines, so I continued.

(Figures 2 & 3: First and Second Stages)

I then went on to a longer 10 - 25 min drawing. I took pictures to show the stages that I went through. I was cared to continue at first, as I did not want to spoil what I had already created, but after taking a picture I added further objects to incorporate them in my drawing.

(Figure 4: 3 Minute Group Session)

Nearing the end of the lesson we each had to get another piece of paper, draw what we saw for 3 minutes only and then we had to move to the person sitting next to us and add to their drawing going clockwise. 4 people had drawn over mine, and I really like the mannequins position and shading.

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