Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: OGR


  1. OGR 10/10/2013

    Hey Heidi,

    Firstly, this is a nicely presented OGR - it's not cluttered or over-customised, it just allows the viewer to access the content easily.

    Okay - so, I'm going to be honest and say that I don't think you've got a 'visual concept' yet or a definite production design idea; that is not a judgement on the drawing, but rather a question about 'why' you're drawing what you are - and how - and also I have some questions about your choice of 'environments'. In terms of your library thumbnail, this is a drawing of a room, not yet a thumbnail exploring the library in the nautilus - an incredible, other-worldly submarine! This could be a room anywhere and it suffers slightly from it's 'things on a stage' composition in terms of perspective. My point is that you're not cashing in what is wonderful and speculative and amazing about your source material; this library is a) housed in a submarine and b) is a library in a soon-to-be animated feature, which means as libraries go, it could look pretty extraordinary, or at least 'cinematic'. It seems to me you need to give the design world of your adaptation some thought. Is your adaptation happening at the time the book was written - therefore, is it all Victoriana and steampunk (and if so, why aren't you looking at Victorian cast-iron structures for inspiration for the interior of submarine?),_London_-_July_2009.jpg

    or, if it's a modern adaptation, why aren't you looking at futuristic ships etc?

    My point is as soon as you think about the world of your story, you're giving yourself more information about the interior of that library; it can absolutely no longer be a square room; it could be an oval-shaped space with a glass roof through which shoals of fish can be glimpsed. Remember Heidi - you're a concept artist - not a book illustrator - you're imagineering and you're designing.

    This is why I'd also question your thumbnail for the underwater scene; I think you need to go large - much larger - essentially, you're creating something a bit like an underwater rainforest - something suitably 'Avatar' maybe?

    If you want to create an immersive 'in-there' composition, remember the basic rule of foreground, midground and background.

    Now - about that spider thumbnail - look, I love a giant spider - but I think this thumbnail isn't really about 'space' but rather about a giant spider, You either need to build more of an actual environment around this encounter - or choose another bit of the book to depict.

    The big issue for you Heidi is that I think you're a bit confused by what we mean by 'visual concept' - and your statement shows that. What you need to identify is your rationale for designing your world in the way that you are; a really simply example of how a visual concept can be used to define your concept art would be to look at the prevailing art-styles at the time of the book, so, for example, Art Nouveau - not only could this style apply to the interiors of the library, but as this is concept art for animation, even your underwater vegetation could emulate art nouveau shapes and motifs. My point is that you need an IDEA that drives the look of your world, not just a set of influences or preferred concept artists.

    Finally, you need to think much more so about the world from which your three scenes derive and your style choices in terms of depicting it. Onwards!

  2. Hey Heidi!

    It's great that you want something dramatic with powerful lighting, but after reading through Phil's advice it is important now to decide the context of these dramatic scenes. Definitely decide your time period and then with that you can find the style that connects to it. For example, Phil posted some lovely metal-work you could use if you were to base it in the Victorian period, which then leads to Victorian architecture and steampunk concepts too.

    Decide your time period and the kind of environment that is associated with it and you'll have a style in no time :)

    1. Hi Molly. :)

      Thank you for replying to my OGR. :) I've made a new blog post where I have stated what my new thoughts and ideas will be taking on board these comments.