Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Narrative: Who is ''She''?

Who is this 'Psycho' Spider Woman?

Here are two of the strongest character back stories for the 'Spider Woman' that I have come up with. Describing who she is, how she came about this way and why is she even involved with a circus in the first place.

(Profile One)

  • A young woman who is jealous of her past.
  • Jet black hair. Very tall with long limbs. 
  • Talented gymnast, but horribly nicknamed 'Spider Girl' because of her flexibility.

One day her school was holding a gymnastics competition. The young teenager had always had a flair for gymnastics and was incredibly flexible. She also fancied a young boy who was sitting in the audience, but there was another girl who was also incredibly talented and also interested in this boy. While on the beam, showing off to the boy, she fell off the equipment, and came last in the competition. And the other girl came first; And won the attention of the boy. The other girls and the boy teased her and tormented her about her looks and falling off the beam. Angry and upset, she ran home. The girl sat by her window and watched it rain outside. 

A circus leaflet hit against the window. It was an advertisement for a passing by circus searching for talented gymnasts to join them and become stars of the show. That night she packed her bags and left to join them. Filled with hatred of her past. Cursed and haunted by her memory. We could join her (years later) and at her worst mental state; entering her mind and her torment. She could be asking us questions to see if we, the audience, can relate to her. We are in 'her world'. A deadly, psychotic, jealous woman's mind who believes she is a spider living in a circus. A Black Widow. The master. A monster. A deadly woman.

(Profile Two)

  • A girl who had been dominated by men in her past. 
  • Lived and was brought up with her farther and four brothers. She is the youngest. 
  • Always picked on by them and other boys at school. 

One day while she was walking home upset, she almost walked into a spiders web that crossed her path. She looked into the web and noticed a female Black Widow spider in he center. She watched a smaller spider crawl into the center to join her, with what seemed to be a fly to give her. The female spider took the offering, but then attacked the male spider and killed it. The girl was amazed, shocked. But this made her realize that woman can be more deadly than the male.

From that moment on, she was fascinated by spiders. She grew more confident every time she pictured the female Black Widow. She began to acted like one, wanted to *become* just like one. Having enough at home, she ran away and joined the passing circus. Only to be picked on by other circus acts for being a 'freak'. She later takes out vengeance on every male circus acts and puts them under her control.

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