Friday, 3 October 2014

@Alan Archetypes: Hot Fuzz

Character Archetypes: Hot Fuzz

(Hot Fuzz Film Poster 2007)

The (Willing) Hero: Nicholas Angel - The main character who we follow throughout the film. The mistreated Police officer trying to do justice with his job.

The Mentor: Inspector Frank Butterman - The believed 'Good Guy' who seems to always be on Nicholas's side, enforcing his beliefs and reels in Nicholas's temperament.

The Herald: PC Danny Butterman - Always copying what Nicholas says and does. Could also be seen as a Trickster because of his humor.

The Shadow: Simon Skinner -The too obvious 'Bad Guy' who we meet from the very beginning of the film. ''I'm a slasher... Of prices!''

The Threshold Guardian: Met. Chief Inspector - The man who sends Nicholas away to the Stanford Police Station for his new job for making the other officers 'look bad', despite Nicholas's refusal. Who later wants him to return!

The Trickster(s): DC Andy Wainwright & DC Andy Cartwright - The 'piss' takers, the jokers of the group. Always picking on Nicholas and Danny with childish remarks.

The Shapeshifter: Sergeant Turner - The man who always looks different every time Nicholas encounters him. (Spoiler) We later find out there are two Sergeant Turners!

Allies: PC Danny Butterman / Stanford Police Service - Throughout the film, Nicholas is accompanied by Danny. After the exposure of the Stanford cult, Nicholas rallies the Police to fight against them.

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