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@Alan Character: In-depth Game Ideas

In-Depth Video Game Ideas
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Game (1)

Game Type & Audience: Mature Audiences - Video Game (Single Player)
Environment: Middle of a Rebellion/ Revolution
We meet the heroes after the world has fallen. Society and order are no more along with the government/soldiers who are under the control of a twisted/ corrupted A.I who seeks to become the most powerful cybernetic being. The heroes have to find a way to stop this before all power has been lost and to finally face the A.I itself.

Game Mechanics: Teamwork, preparation, memory.

                       Hero: The wise man. An old friend of a relative to the other heroes.
                       Hero: All guns blazing. No patience. Thinks with a gun.
                       Hero: Shapeshifter. Finds a way through re-enforcements and is a stealth killer.
                       Side-Kick: Robotic Companion/ Adviser/ Pet
                       Villain: Artificial Intelligence

Game (2)

Game Type & Audience: Mature Audiences - Video Game (Online Single/ Multi-Player)
Environment: Middle of a Rebellion/ Revolution

An evil force lead by a villain has taken siege over part of a 'world/city' causing mass destruction and chaos. The unknown heroes escape and set out to fight back against the forces while defending themselves against other groups of survivors. The heroes must claim back their home world by defeating the villain and his forces before order and hopes of returning are lost forever.

Game Mechanics: Teamwork, stealth, hiding, weaponry, preparation.

                       Hero: Older character but with more experience/ skilled in combat.
                       Hero: Shapeshifter. The slick and stealthier of all the characters.
                       Hero: The brains, the mind behind stealth and scavenging operations.
                       Hero: The daredevil. The ambitious and more sly of all the characters.
                       Side-Kick: Robotic Companion/ Adviser/ Pet
                       Villain: (Unknown)

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  1. Hi Heidi

    Make sure you add your three cards (words) to each post so you don't lose sight of them along the way - Crime, Age, Revolution. Also, come and see me and we'll have a chat about your game ideas