Wednesday, 22 October 2014

@Alan Character: Developed Game Idea?

Definitive Game Idea
Crime, Age & Revolution

Game Type & Audience: Mature Audiences - Video Game (Single Player/ Multi-Player)
Environment: Crime/Labor/Curfew (Industrial Revolution)
Mechanics: Stealth/Hiding, Skill, Violence, Weaponry, Teamwork & Memory

We join the game after an evil force has swept through the city in search of 'magical' beings, under the command of the power-hungry villain. The (thought to be) 'non-magical' generation is left to work for the villain, while the gifted are taken prisoner and used for their sources to power revolutionary inventions. The heroes must come together while also keeping their newly discovered powers hidden from society, until the time is right to put an end to the villains ways and fight back for freedom.

The perspective will be in third person, and each character will have unique abilities specific to that character. Each would have a task to do on missions, as though communicating via electronics. You would play each character separately, swapping from character to character as you prefer/need to. Unless on solo-missions.

Anthropomorphic Characters:
Villain: Name: --- Species: (Silver Fox)
Hero (1): Name: --- Stealthy.
Hero (2): Name: --- Shape-Shifter.
Hero (3): Name: --- Weapons master.
Hero (4): Name: --- Intelligence.