Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Character: Basic Profiles

Character Profiles
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A brief and basic description of the characters that will be in my game, to help understand who they are and what they do to help with my designs.


  • Name:
  • Species: Chameleon, Shape-Shifter
  • Age: 15

The shape-shifter would be played during stealth and stealing missions. This character would allow you to blend into your surroundings, creep up behind enemies to listen for information and climb up and down vertical surfaces. Using his tail as an advantage.

  • Name:
  • Species: Silver Fox, Weapons-Master and Leader
  • Age: 16

The leader of the group would be the main character played in the game. This character would be the most skilled hero with many weapons at his arsenal. This character would be the most brutal, similar to a ninja. Specifically in sabotaging missions.

  • Name:
  • Species: Badger, The Inventor
  • Age: 13

The collaborator of information and the brains of operational missions. Always inventing/creating weapons to aid with obstacles for missions. Invented smoke bombs, flares, tranquil darts, etc. This character would be the 'distraction' for enemies.


  • Name:
  • Species: Albino Ferret, Obsession with Power
  • Age: 33

The villain would the symbol of corruption, wanting 'the' change; to turn away from mother nature. Controls all of the factories and mining facilities. The dominating figure. The 'Boss'.

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