Friday, 24 October 2014

Character: New & Refined Game Idea

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After a long discussion about my game with Alan, we agreed that something was still missing that would drive it. So we thought of a question: "What if the Industrial Revolution never stopped? A world was still powered by coal and steam? And we were running out?"

 General Plot

The game would be set in a world of 'Industrial Technology', where everything is still powered by coal and steam. A world of poverty and pollution, adults turning their backs on nature, tradition and individuality. While the adults work to discover a new source of power, we join a group of young heroes, who unknown to their parents, have discovered an ancient spirit, called Mother Nature. The spirit warns them that soon her essence within nature will be discovered by the adults who work for the power-hungry villain, and they will want this essence for its everlasting power, that would soon result in her death. The young heroes must come together to stand up to the adults for what they know is right and protect whats left of nature, before it is truly lost forever.

Video Game: Play-Style

The perspective will be in third person. Each character will have unique abilities specific to that character and would rely on each other to complete 'missions'. You would play each character separately, swapping from character to character as you need to.


Missions would relate to sabotaging the villains inventions/ sneaking into factories and stealing parts/ equipment/ plans etc. Defending Mother Nature. Attempting to put an end to the revolution. I plan on developing this much further as this would be the interchanging link to progression through the game. 

Stealth/Hiding, Skill, Violence, Weaponry, Teamwork & Memory

Anthropomorphic Characters
(In Development)

Villain: Name: --- Power-hungry.

(Group Hero) + General Characteristics
Character (1): Name: --- Adventurer. Scouter - finding information.
Character (2): Name: --- Shape-Shifter. Sly but imaginative.
Character (3): Name: --- Weapons master. Potential leader, older than the others.
Character (4): Name: --- Intelligence. The young inventor.

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