Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Character Design Class (01)

Character Design Class (01)
Game Design: Metal Gear Solid & Mouse Trap Game Ideas

Today's first character design lesson was straight after our character design briefing. To help us out with ideas we were given two cards with different types of existing games on them. Our task was to create another game based on the concepts of the pre-existing games.

The two games I were given was Metal Gear Solid & Mouse Trap, so I bullet pointed the general concepts of both games and made a list of the strongest parts of each game that I could take forward and apply to my one.

(Stealth Hiding Sneaky Armour Powers Weaponry)

(Mechanical Bright Mice Escaping Running Traps/Ladders)

The game I come up with would be a Player Vs Player environment, player one being the mice and player two being the evil mastermind. Player one has to try sneak into the factory without being seen by the evil masterminds forces and escape with the ''bounty'' - player two would set up traps for player one to fall into and try and stop he/she from escaping. 

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