Monday, 13 October 2014

@Alan Narrative Structure & Hollywood: The Equalizer

(The Equalizer Film Poster)

Exposition & Inciting Incident: We meet the Hero; (Robert) we are noticeably shown his attention to detail and his O.C.D (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). He lives around time and his very basic living environments with little sleep. At the local Café he always see's and talks to a young lady named Teri, who we then find out that she is a prostitute. When Robert walks her home one night they are crossed by her 'employer' (Slavi) who later beats up and hospitalizes Teri for her miss-conduct.

Rising Action: Throughout the film, Robert is encountered by many people who cross him and his friends; he always gets them back - Equalizing. The biggest of them all, Slavi and his men. Robert kills them for what they did to Teri. However, they are part of the Russian Mafia lead by a man named Pushkin, who sends his enforcer (Teddy) to investigate and find whoever did this. Robert is now being investigated with many attempts to neutralize him.

Climax: After countless failed attempts to kill Robert, there is a showdown at Roberts workplace (a DIY store). Teddy is holding Robert's friends captive. Robert fights the men in complete blackness and in stealth. The last man standing being Teddy. Killing him.

Falling Action: Freeing his friends and defeating Teddy and his men, Robert seeks to end the Russian Mafia for good by searching and killing for the 'head of the snake', Pushkin - who is living in Russia. He succeeds.

Denouncement: Robert goes back to his old ways before bumping into Teri again, who is now living a normal teenage life. She thanks him for all that he has done and they depart. We later see Robert again at the Café, yet this time with his laptop, answering an email to someone asking for his help.

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