Sunday, 5 October 2014

Narrative: Miss Andry Script Draft (V2)

Ideas for Voice Over Draft (02)

This is my own interpreted script idea for the voice over for our animation. Click here for the original draft created by Livi. We have decided to name our character 'Miss Andry/ André' (Misandry) meaning 'the hatred of men'.

"They... they think they're so... 'special'."
"Do they honestly think that I'm still haunted by that cruel, unforgiving memory? Ha!"
(Pause) "But you could say it's SO... thrilling!"

*Feminine laughter*

(Circus Music Starts)

"Forget what society told you; (Pause) in-fact, forget everything those... men told you."
"Because I've CHANGED them! They're different! Way, way...  'different'."

*Feminine giggles*

"There is only one other species like us that understands; - Understands how we are SO much more... (Pause) DEADLY!"

"My Black-Widow sisters!"

"I study them... idolize them, you... could add; they are what 'I' truly... am!"
"They say, give a man a mask... and he will reveal his true SELF!"


"But don't worry... I've given them a mask of my own!"

*High pitched laughter*

"Ohhh isn't it marvelous! - This unstoppable, unshakeable madness they have stumbled into! Ha!"
"Come now darlings!(Monotone Voice) Embrace... the darkness."
"Let me show you... (Pause) What 'I' can do!"
"Welcome, to MY CIRCUS!"

*Evil Laughter*

(Circus Music Ends)

"Don't stray too close now..."

*Feminine giggles*

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