Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Narrative: Understanding Character & Influences

Understanding the Psycho
Is this all in her head?

From the Batman: Arkham Origins game, I believe that the Jokers particular madness, psychotic, enriched design fulfills the female we are trying to create. I believe once we understand our main character, the rest will soon fall into place. Once she has become clear to why she is a spider, why is she even in a circus, understanding her mind will surely emerge.

Concept Art & In-game Screenshots

After discussing my idea with Sam and gaining an 'out-sider' point of view from Rhys, I think that making our animation an 'art piece' in a style that grabs the audiences attention from the beginning can make quite and engaging piece of work.

 I found that this particular Batman: Arkham Origins game scene (from 40 seconds) grabbed me from the very beginning and has given me loads of inspiration to create a character with a twisted background. We need her to be our focus, our main view point that will make ''The female of the Species is more deadly than the male'' our key 'selling point' for us.

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  1. I think that the audience needs a viewfinder to peak through before we explore her mind. Even something like the beginning of Doctor Who, the tunnel symbolizes the vast possibilities of the show. With the mind obviously an eye would be a good starting point and I also think you should look again at the animation Alan made us watch with the zooming in constant animation to do with music?

    Hope this helps