Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Script to Screen: Step Outline

The Step Outline

Scene 1:
A young girl called 'Carrie' is upset/refusing to go to the Dentist. 
She is clearly tired, so she gets carried upstairs by her Dad and gets tucked into bed and begins to Dream.

Scene 2:
The hero gets a telegram/beeping message about a place in jeopardy. 
Quick shots of the mouth of this young girl being overrun by acidic monsters and creatures on Pogo-Sticks that are having a 'Party' in her mouth. 
He turns around and summons his team to begin action.

Scene 3:
They arrive in her mouth and are shocked at the how many creatures are there. 
They gather/huddle behind a tooth to begin talking tactics and battle plans.
Hero checks over his shoulder, and flings the 'Pet' over and one-handedly jumps over to follow.
Side-kick is nervous, composes himself and lassos a floss string around a tooth and swings into battle. 

Scene 4:
They begin shooting with their toothpaste blasters and other weapons in the arsenal.
Dramatic camera views and epic battle scenes occur.
After eliminating many monsters and creatures, the team re-group.
They hear a loud, booming sound from behind them.

Scene 5: 
Evil Villain appears from behind the Molars. 
He climbs and slime's his way towards the heroes.

Scene 6:
Heroes are looking up with shocked/scarred faces, with open mouths and hard swallows.
Pet barks/beeps/etc to indicate he has an idea.
The hero agrees and the pet flys of ahead to first distract the villain.
The hero looks to his side-kick and asks him to create an almighty weapon.

Scene 7:
Pet is making the villian dizzy. Villain gets mad and hits the pet away.
Hero calls out to the side-kick to hurry up quickly. Side-kick is rushing.

Scene 8:
Villain is about to eat the pet, untill he hears the hero call out.
He turns around to see the hero with a huge water pistol/mouth wash pistol.
Villains face drops - Hero shoots the weapon at the villain that makes him explode/burst.
Pet re-forms himself to join the others.

Scene 9:
A short pose of the team of heroes (Floss Force) poised and ready for their next battle.

Scene 10:
Young girl wakes up and imagines that the Dentist and his assistant are super heroes and is excited about going to the Dentist.

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