Monday, 20 January 2014

Script to Screen: Character Biography(s)

Center Character

The Daughter: Carrie

> Age: 6 Years Old
> Characteristic: Quiet, playful and creative
> Back Story: Doesn't want to go to the Dentist. 

She goes to bed and has a fantastical dream of heroes and heroins that fight off barbaric creatures to save her mouth/teeth. This changes her mind to want to go to the Dentist the following morning.

The Three Main Characters

The Hero/Heroine: <No Name>

> Age: Looks 18 to 25 (However he/she is 'made-up'!)
> Characteristic: Bold, strong minded and a team leader
> Back Story: Fighting grime from children's mouths since he/she was only a tiny molecule!

The Side-Kick: <No Name>

> Age: Looks 15 to 20 (However he is 'made-up'!)
> Characteristic: Inventive, creative yet incredibly nervous/shy
> Back Story: Has been the 'mind' behind the madness of the Hero - A lending hand!

The Pet/Creature: <No Name> K-9? Canine teeth!

> Age: N/A (However 'it' is 'made-up'!)
> Characteristic: Joyful, playful, clumsy and extremely fast
> Back Story: A 'mans best friend' who never lets his friends down!

The Main Villain

The Villain: <No Name>

> Age: Looks very, very old! (However he is 'made-up'!)
> Characteristic: Devilish, mastermind, criminal nature and slimy!
> Back Story: A piece of food stuck behind the First Premolar and his risen up to bring ultimate carnage!

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