Monday, 13 January 2014

Script to Screen: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!

New Ideas!

After watching the Osmosis Jones Trailer that Phil had suggested, I was totally blown away by the vast amount of colours and character design featured in such a ''kidsy'' animation. This has given me loads of ideas to work from, and I'll be developing them as I go.

Starting Idea:

A young girl, eating vast amounts of food that effects her teeth. Quick phased shots of her eating fruits, fast food and sweets. Slow zoom in on her mouth to see a 'Building Site' full of acidic creatures and other various 'things'. Her mother/farther buys a brand new toothpaste/ mouthwash etc that sends in three main characters to ''SAVE HER MOUTH FROM ULTIMATE DOOM!''. One character uses a Pogo-Stick to reach up into higher places and the others use a vast array of weapons and gadgets to eliminate these 'foul creatures' from the young girls mouth!

Influence Map: Characters!

I think three main characters will be enough to work from initially, one being the main hero, side kick and a pet-ish creature. This influence map shows many types of styles of characters, yet I feel my style is more towards the charming cartoon style rather than realistic.

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  1. I really think this idea would work Heidi well done :) Perhaps the pet-ish creature could be a blob of that toothpaste that could morph perhaps?