Monday, 20 January 2014

Script to Screen: Research into Character Design

Character Design Research: Style

After browsing the internet and a couple of character design Facebook communities, I discovered this fantastic character design archive that features hundreds of character designers and examples of work. I have documented the small minority of my favourite artists below and why I love their work.

Hand Drawn - Sketchy

Emma Frost: Click here!

I love how Frost has used this light purple pencil when creating this page.
It was something that caught my instantly, and her style is very provocative.

Eric Guzman: Click here!

Guzman's work really captures emotion. 
I love the colours he's drawn in and how he's used the entire page.

Katy Hargrove: Click here!

Hargroves style is semi-realistic, and in a way I feel my style of character design is similar to hers. 
We instantly know what her characters are feeling like and who they are.

Sydney Hanson: Click here!

Hansons style is very 'pretty' and 'cutesy'.
Something that would be great for a children's book of some kind.

Charles Santoso: Click here!

Santoso's composition on the page and pinky-red pencil is what first drew me to his page.
I can tell how that character would walk and even speak!

Sketchbook/ Edited

Dou Hong: Click here!

Hong's work is what I believe to be a great image source and reference. 
I love how he's compressed his drawings onto one long peice of paper. 
I find it gives it that very charming appeal.

Franco Pagnolo: Click here!

One of my favourite character design pages!
Pagnolo's quick, fearless lines is somewhat an inspiration for me, 
and the page looks worked on and refined.

Ben Caldwell: Click here!

Caldwell's pages have great sense of charm and appeal.
I love the arrangement of varied sketches and work produced not just traditionally, but digitally.

These types of styles is what I hope to create my characters similar too.
I find working traditionally and then converting them digitally works best for me.

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