Friday, 24 January 2014

OGR (1): Reflection & Refined Ideas

The Story

After reading my OGR feedback I have reflected on my current ideas to make my story and its content more refined.

The initial beginning and end of my story needs to be defined more.
As Phil said in my feedback, the story currently has no definition of the girl (Carrie) not liking the dream.

''Act 1 with the girl in bed, her room in darkness except for the fall of light from the open door across her; we hear a parent saying, 'Don't forget, you're going to the dentist tomorrow. Sleep tight'. The door closes, the room is in darkness, we see the little girl looking worried; she sleeps; she dreams...''

This is what I think will work the most in terms of showing the difference from reality and the dream.
Which can also explain the story straight away to anyone.

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  1. Been trying to remember this for ages but I've finally found it!

    I thought you could use this as inspiration to your villains characteristics and perhaps the environment we see them in. Even though it is a Domestos advert and some scenes are really dark for children. maybe your colour scheme could get slowly darker the closer the heroes get to the villains. A darker shade of pink.