Friday, 31 January 2014

Character Design Class: (4) Environment

Character Design Class (4)

During Wednesdays Character Design Class, we talked about how environments and how they effect the story just as much as the character. So our task began when we were given 2 words to create a villains and hero's ''lair'' from.


My two words were 'Forest' and 'Swamp'; 
I had to brainstorm ideas about possible storylines and how these spaces could be evolved.

The story I had began to think of was:

My idea was about these 'high bird' characters living near the tops of of ginormous trees in a forest.
They overlooked the barrens that surround the swamp, just visible over the horizon.

The birds were 'purists'. Only cared about beauty and wealth.
They would look down on anyone else apart from there own kind.
They lived the 'high' life, had no care in the world.
The home that live in would be formed from the trees, spiraling together and graceful.

The creatures living within the swamp would be humble creatures.
They would be living in muck and filth, working hard for the birds.
Threatened to do as they were told to spare the lives of their families.

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