Friday, 24 January 2014

Character Design Class: (3) Character & Prop

Character Design Class (3)
Character & Prop

Earlier this week on Wednesday (24th) we were told to focus on Character and the usage of Hero Props. Our first task was to create a weapon/prop for the character that we were given.

I had the cartoon character Danger Mouse, and here are my prop design pages.

My final design was the ''Net-o-Mouse''! 
It would shoot of a net that would be allocated on Danger Mouse's forearm.

Our second task was to use our item that we brought in from home and to re-design it and make a character from it. I had a Harmonica, and I instantly thought of an old man/Blues man in a pub of some kind.He would be chilled out, with a whistle in his words when he speaks, and would wear a very large ''Blues Man'' slanting over his face.

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