Sunday, 10 November 2013

Secret Lairs: OGR (1) Thoughts & New Ideas

Combining Hyperborean AND Demon!

After receiving my first Secret Lairs OGR feedback, I knew that I had gone from one extreme to another. From the highly generic 'Ice/Spiky Demon' to only thinking about Eskimos and their culture. Therefore, I have decided to combine my thumbnails and research together to form a larger and more interesting approach to my upcoming thumbnails and Concept/Production Art.

In respect to my 'Hero Prop', I have come to realize the simplicity and 'useless' aspects to my Kayak when relating it to my Demon. Therefore I have returned to my original idea of a white/blue 'Soul Stone', however with slight differences. The 'Soul Stone' would be highly Demonic, and made out of pure ice. It would be an 'object' that the Demon uses to take life from something or someone, so 'she/ it' can continue on living. It could also be a source of energy that she could go to and gain more mystical power. I even thought of the Demon 'worshiping' this stone, collecting and arranging colourful and bright objects, much like a Magpie Bird. However this is something I will be working on during next week.

Phil had given me some examples about what could be a more interesting way to design a world around a Demonic young girl. I really liked the idea of having a tree or two involved in my scene somehow and I have thought of quite a few references. I'm keen to replicate a fallen hollow tree that would be able to emphasize on rot and decay, and even dramatic lighting. Or even a burrow with large entangled tree roots and plants hanging from above.

Basic Lair Ideas:

  • Tree Trunk: The first one is within an upright tree that would feature a lair that would sit inside going upwards within the trunk itself.
  • Fallen Tree: This lair would be situated under a fallen tree leaning against a bolder. Despite looking thin at the moment, the tree would be large and create quite a dark and spacious environment. Or even a tree covering an entrance to a cave.
  • Hollow Tree: This lair would be within a large hollow tree that would have snow coming in from both ends and many plants would be hanging from above. This could also add eerie feel to the lair as holes within the exterior would create beams of light shining through the darkness.
  • Underground Burrow: This lair could be underground with huge tree roots hanging and intertwining along the ground.The only light source would be from the burrow entrance.

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