Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Secret Lairs: Character Profile Draft 2

Exiled Eskimo
Name: Aguta - Meaning: Gatherer of The Dead

(Figure 1: Eskimo Celebration Mask)

  • An Eskimo Girl born blind
  • Brought shame to the family name
  • The Grandmother made a doll for the young girl; Feeling remorse for her
  • Getting older, she could not contribute to the tribe
  • The tribe performed many rituals on her as they believed this would make her see
  • However this actually allowed a Demon to slowly take over her soul
  • The lack of results from these rituals meant for her being banished and exiled from the tribe
  • She took with her only what she could carry; including the doll
  • Has built herself her own hut/teepee within the woods
  • Such sadness has allowed the demon to take full possession of her mind and body 
  • Within the woods is where she now hides: Until now

A doll or Kayak. Grandmother could help her escape sacrifice. 

  • Night before sacrifice, Grandmother helps her escape on a Kayak 

Figure 1: Eskimo Celebration Mask. HTML: http://www.old-picture.com/indians/Eskimo-Ceremonial-Mask.htm (Accessed on 05.11.13)

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  1. fascinating! Liking this Eskimo-centric research much more - onwards! :)