Friday, 1 November 2013

Secret Lairs: Hero Prop Thumbnails

Feedback Please!

Here are some early 'Hero Prop' designs for my Hyperborean Demon. These have been changed from the original thumbnails (18), (21), (27) & (35). I would be very grateful for any feedback regarding these designs about which is your favorite(s) and what ones you think has the biggest potential. 

My favorites are: (43), (49), (50), (52), (66), (68), (72), (79) & (80)


  1. Really liking 52, 54, 56 and 72 :) They've all got that mystical feel, and the spikes make them quite threatening. I can feel 77 almost growing on me as I look at it, but I think you might want to try the black and whites with the blue and vice versa with specific stones, see if it makes a difference? ;)

    1. I think you're right. The blues might make all the difference!

  2. Hi Heidi,

    Really like numbers 63,64,65,70,72,77,79 and 80. Absolute favorite 77! :D