Monday, 4 November 2013

Secret Lairs: Influence Maps - Eskimo Culture

Eskimo Culture Influence Maps

After speaking with Jordan, I realised I haven't given myself enough to work with when creating my 'Secret Lair' for my Demon. So I decided there and then to move away from the highly generic Demons and Ice Caves. Therefore, I began looking into Arctic cultures/tribes such as Eskimos.

Influence Map 1:

This first Influence Map is about the iconic 'Fur Coats' that Eskimos wear to keep themselves warm. I have looked into traditional and modern fur coats when creating this page that could allow another route to my designs.

Influence Map 2:

The second Influence Map is about the sled and their beloved Canadian Eskimo Dogs. Their dogs were their only source of long distance travel before electronic sledges reached the arctic. It fits well with how black dogs are seen as omens and the spawn of Satan. There is also the possibility to use the woodlands as a source to create a 'Secret Lair'.

Influence Map 3:

The third Influence Map is how traditional Eskimos live and what these Teepee's, Huts and Igloos look like. This culture thrives with the quantity of fur they are supported by. So this could be incorporated into my Demon and the 'Lair' itself.

Game of Thrones - Wildlings

As I have began to look into other various resources for inspiration for my Secret Lair, I thought a good place to start would be with 'The Wildlings' from the Game of Thrones TV series. They live by nature and live just how real life Eskimos do. I also liked how their outfits mix in with the scenery including their village huts.


  1. Clever thought of an idea Heidi :) Like this!

    1. Definitely allows a broader look on my project. Thank you. :)