Wednesday, 6 November 2013

CG Artist: (06/11/2013) Life Drawing

Catching the Lark & Dark

During this mornings 'Life Drawing' we were told to prioritize on the tonal ranges that were featured in and around our model, Jane. Therefore we began with a warm up.

Figure 1
  • This was my 5 minute pose exercise. I used the side of a lighter grey charcoal to get a broader range of textured light and dark.

Figure 2

  • The next task was a 20 minute 'tone' drawing and this time I had my own putty rubber with me to help pick out the light on Jane's skin. We were not allowed to use any line art until the last 10 minutes.

Figure 3

  • Next, was very quick 1 minute poses. I tried to not use line art till last on this exercise. I really enjoyed the quick paced lines as they are very suggestive.

Figure 4

  • For our last pose, we had to sketch only using continuous line. I did this within 10 minutes, and then the last 10 were used using the side of the black charcoal.

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